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Destinations for music lovers

Music Lovers Destinations, Tango Dancers

Music is one of the most beautiful experiences that remove barriers between foreigners and locals, reaching the hearts of all. An outdoor concert in Amsterdam docks, an evening at the opera in Milan, a street tango in Argentina, the music is found in many cities in the world. Here are some of the most attractive:

Chicago, United States

Blues lovers must go at least once in life in Chicago, Illinois. In early summer, there is a festival of blues here. The city has many clubs where they play this kind of music.

Milan, Italy

Opera in Milan, La Scala is one of the most famous theaters worldwide in the last 200 years. Puccini's music lovers can come here to see operas that have been here first, in early 1900, such as Madame Butterfly.

New York, United States

New York is famous for its Broadway shows and concerts which take place in rooms such as Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall. Intense nightlife, parties and other entertainment options provide music for all tastes in one of the world's top cities.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is primarily a destination for lovers of classical music. The metropolis is famous thanks to its composers: Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. Auditoria are organizing numerous concerts with their music. Viennese balls, the famous Viennese waltz, opera performances are some of the main attractions of the city.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Besides the tradition of tango, Buenos Aires offers many live music clubs and the public in pubs known as boliches. Here is music for all tastes, from jazz to reggae and hip-hop. Tourists can go to concerts of classical music or rock, alternative music, etc.

London, United Kingdom

London is the ideal destination for music lovers. The city gave the world famous singers and bands internationally. London is often host to concerts of the biggest stars in music. Domain enthusiasts will not have any moment of boredom, because events permanently succeed each other. Here you can find specialized shops in the domain, where you cannot leave empty handed.