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Destinations for foodies in winter

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During the fall and winter, some of the most exciting vacation destinations are those that offer culinary pleasures. A tour of the wineries in the fall, a tapas party or sausage served on the street are some of the attractions which boasts gourmet favorite destinations in winter.

Sausages in Germany

Germany is one of the best vacation destinations for foodies in winter. If summer dishes such as cabbage are harder to digest, during the autumn-winter dish with cabbage and sausage can be a pleasure. In the city of Nuremberg, for example, is a type of sausage Rostbratwursts with a true culinary history. Sausages are served in countless ways, from the mustard in patients with horseradish sauce or potato salad.

Besides his sausage, Germany offers a wealth of entertainment and leisure, from partying with beer in pubs to Bavarian castles.

Wine in France

One of the recommended destinations for fall is Aquitaine, France. The region is in the south-west and is appreciated for vineyard vines. A wine Chateau d'Yquem is famous here. In the region you can visit different wineries where white and red wines are produced.

Besides wine art, Aquitaine is known as a region rich in castles, is an ideal destination for lovers of history and architecture.

Tapas and flamenco in Spain

If Spain summer temperatures can be very high, in autumn the weather is pleasant, suitable for walking to the sights.

Gourmets in Spain found an irresistible offer tapas, seafood, paella and more extravagant dishes. A flamenco show with dinner can be an unforgettable experience in this country.

Exotic foods in Thailand

In winter, exotic destinations are fashionable. In Thailand, gourmets can discover new ingredients and have the opportunity to taste the dishes extravagant difficult to find in the European area.