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Cook Islands - Paradise unreal

Unreal Paradise, Cook Islands, Bungalows

Feeling strongly for visitor Cook Islands is relocation, loss of contact with material, simply another realm, and that in the vicinity of New Zealand. This will probably be designed and Captain Blight, the first European to set foot in this corner rather ethereal, with just two centuries ago.

Feeling it gives you first mix the colors and endless waves flowing tireless in curly strands. The ocean is blue-black, white sand extending into which water is combined with a touch of mint on shore almost taste it. Add to this the turquoise lagoon, a delicious candy on a stick.

Somerset Maugham described the best "the state" of the islands "where coconut trees as sophisticated women stood on the shore and spend all day admiring their own reflections."

Islands, 15 in number, of which 9 are volcanic, the latter providing habitat for 90% of the population were described by Cook himself, the captain what he borrowed the name of this piece of surrealist planet as "broken pieces of Earth "because of their wealth and fertility. Only fifty years later, the islands have got his name because of my admiration for him wearing German Admiral Ritter von Krusenstern, who made the first and most beautiful atlas of the Pacific.

If you want to take a measure of springs designed to mirror the true local atmosphere, Refer to Pacific Resort Aitutaki, Aitutaki Island, 10 minutes’ drive from the airport on the island were U.S. military airport in the Second World War Designed resort of 27 bungalows situated on the shore, perched on stilts, suites and villas located on eight acres of land, patina exudes luxury. Newlyweds will be delighted to leave the bathroom, directly in private gardens. Activities are glove on calm and relaxation spa, yoga on the beach, private who installed tents on the beach.

Near Aitutaki, lies although it pretentious expression, One Foot Island, that island one foot long. In too small lagoon water dolphins, green turtles pedal. Park located at the end of the world, the island is famous for celebrating marriages, which is understandable. If you are not delighted by places like this then where else?

Later, Maina, another islet, is in fact a great nest for red-tailed tropical birds.

Aitutaki hosting a very interesting garden belonging to a Swiss accountant which brings together on one plantation of fruits from all over the world. Arabian dates, delicious berries in West Africa, whatever you want. But the owner is an expert in herbal remedies, equal the pain you try.

By comparison with timeless and serenity islands listed, their capital, Rarotonga, seems to have an air of urban pregnant. Despair touristic nineties, has already left the ruins, a caustic comic symbolism. Jungle invaded giant hotel of 204 rooms, only half built, due to unwise business ended badly but if not random fate of these contemporary relics. It is a parable in the background. You can also attempt to disturb this area with industrial, worthy of other beaches in other parts of the world. Muri Beach on Rarotonga is not changed a bit suffocating, being animated mostly small hotels and resorts.

If you like Aitutaki is specially designed for honeymoons, you can go back over the years in Rarotonga, rather suitable families and small groups, Cook Islands sure you somewhat in this way, a complete cycle of life, lest he go elsewhere . And stories, too many to not be true, but they just feed your taste for adventure broken by time. Rarotonga travel passes through stories about Manihiki, black pearl island, Mangaia with its catacombs, Pukapuka, where it seems that men behaved like women and vice versa. Since you're on another planet, why not play a movie and valuable. However, you do not mind could propel this landscape, than such stories.

In the Cook Islands though not much to say. There are many more to be seen and felt and this without fancy, just calm and serenity.

In this note, however, conclude with some recommendations hotel: Crown Beach Resort Little Polynesian, Pacific Resort Rarotonga, Takimutu Royale, manuals Beach Resort, Palm Grove, Pacific Resort Aitutaki (beach bungalows), Aitutaki Escape (beach villas) . Tamanu Beach Resort.