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The Great Barrrier Reef

Australia, Oceania, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park panoramic view

The Great Barrier Reef, also known as "Great Barrier", it is the largest of this kind in the world and is located in the North East Coast of Australia. The reef is known worldwide for its miraculous underwater world. The reef is not a continuous reef, but directly from many different reefs. Because it is so close together they form an impenetrable barrier for shipping. The reef has an area the size of Britain. The polyps have cost 25 million years to form the reef. The types of coral is a simple event. Separate the polyps of dietary calcium and then again this way they create a grip. If this process can continue undisturbed for millions of years eventually forms a large coral reef. When coral dies it is immediately returned and takes his place by new coral. Thus then occur the 2000 km long Great Barrier Reef.

You can see an magnificent underwater color. The reef consists of all the colors of the rainbow. Over millions of years, the coral fish developed on smoothed so that they completely go unnoticed in the colorful surroundings. They have camouflage against predators. The reef changed constantly grows and moves like a living being with a heart and the veins that carry blood. Paradise reef is constantly examined. Marine biologists have discovered so far about 300 species of coral, 4000 species of mussels and 1,500 species of fish. All this pomp and circumstance makes for a huge influx of tourists. Australia recognizes that protection of this beautiful area is essential and 98% of the reef is caught by the nature of the country. Tourism is therefore durable in nature. It may not be fished coral and should never be touched. Tourism activities may only take place if the coral is not unduly disrupted.

Above the water you'll find about 600 paradise islands which are partly caused by floodplains and formed by coral. Over the years these islands have formed on a substrate which has coconut palms and other tropical vegetation could grow. These islands are a true tropical paradise. Some of these islands are suitable for tourism and are an ideal base for snorkelers and divers. Also you will find white sandy beaches, luxurious hotels and resorts. Some islands are so large and fertile rainforest that it`s formed that gives you can make beautiful walks.

The coral formation process takes many years so it is worldwide important that coral reefs to be protected. This is unfortunately not always the case. Many reefs are damaged by contaminated seawater, for example fishing and tourism activities. The slightest change in the complex ecosystem of a coral reef can have major consequences. No living creature has such a large structure delivered as polyps. Almost the entire reef is protected. However, a real threat is by fishermen which are happy to try their luck in this fish-rich waters. Fortunately, the entire boundary of the reef is monitored by Australia's coast guard and gives little chance for fishermen. The whole area is named "Great Barrier Reef Marine Park" and is considered the most beautiful marine nature reserve in the world.