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Travel Europe United Kingdom Visit an inn old and famous - Four Weddings and a Hotel

Visit an inn old and famous - Four Weddings and a Hotel

Famous Hotel, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, The Kings Arms Hotel, Exterior view

Four Weddings and a Hotel is the same place where were taken the movie of Four Weddings and a Funeral 20 years ago and became famous because of this film.

After two decades, Four Weddings and a Hotel (located 50 minutes from London, in Buckinghamshire) have undergone a complete transformation, performed by designer Ilse Crawford, who focused on interior decoration vintage, elegant and relaxing. However, room 101, the one where they filmed some of the action film remained unchanged. In this still reigns canopy bed, bath and very simple decor.

The decor at the Four Weddings and a Hotel

Spacious bedrooms, very well lit, vaulted ceilings, exposed beams and impressive bathroom showers are just some of the features of rooms at the Four Weddings and a Hotel.

The fabrics are hand-sewn, simple, elegant and inviting.

All 37 rooms are really charming inn and are memorable because of furniture and creaky stairs at every step.

What you can eat in Four Weddings and a Hotel

Inn restaurant is very popular, not only for tourists who come and are accommodated here, but for locals.

Jovial atmosphere and menu that is in a constant change are just two of the factors that make the restaurant always be full. Here you can get a true culinary delight, with fish fried in red wine sauce, artichoke and truffle soup, pasta with cauliflower, smoked cheese with beets and pickles, and an impressive variety of wines.

Here you can drink draft beer, and in general the prices are quite affordable.

In addition, simple layout of the restaurant makes any food you will be brought to look infinitely better.

If you want to eat breakfast here, it is guaranteed that you will return just for the morning meal. You will enjoy a plate of smoked salmon, ham buttery and fresh pastries.

What can you visit in the surroundings?

Around the inn you can find many antique shops, cafes and boutiques. Here you can leave pampered at a beauty salon where you can enjoy spa treatments at reduced price by 15% if you're staying at the inn.

Address Khan (from the city can be reached by car or train) 30 High Street, Old Amersham HP7 0DJ, Buckinghamshire (50 minutes of London).