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Travel Europe United Kingdom The coolest Theater in the World - Minack in the UK

The coolest Theater in the World - Minack in the UK

Coolest Theatre, Cornwall, England, Minack Theatre performance

Minack Theatre in Cornwall, United Kingdom, has no resemblance to the world. Although you might think it's a vestige novel, in reality it is not even 100 years.

It is the work of a woman in love, but in love with art in all its forms, Rowena Cade.

Built of stone, he watches the sea, the view breathtaking. You do not know whether to look at the staging of any classical writings, to look around, researching stone by stone, or simply you lose water blue.

All those taking place on one of the stone seats were left with the impression, not wrong; this is by far the most impressive theater in the world.

The title of each song that was played here is carved in stone, so the performances will remain for posterity.

The theater gained reputation in 1944, when Love Story movie scenes were filmed here.

One, who thought of, Rowena Cade, died in 1983, but the theater is still used in the summer, here posing outdoor performances.

From May to mid-September, here is played about 18 plays, many viewers coming forward to such an experience.

Over time, there were parts Shakespeare played, and West Side Story or Moby Dick, in a musical form.

Also Madame Buttrefly arrived in these parts.