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Travel Europe United Kingdom The beauty, humor and drama of Scotland united - Edinburgh

The beauty, humor and drama of Scotland united - Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland, Holyrood Palace

In a series of extinct volcanoes on the shores of the Firth of Forth, Edinburgh is the historic capital of Scotland. In Edinburgh, the beauty, humor and drama of Scotland united. The locals live in an exciting atmosphere, fed by students from four universities, a good financial center, art and literature.

The renovation of the old seaport of Leith Harbor to cruise from Scandinavia and mainland Europe bring even more visitors to the city, many of whom come to see the Royal Yacht Britannia, moored to the new Ocean Terminal. Locals looking for refuge in Arthur's Seat, a volcanic plateau of the head, from which you can look out over the city in some quiet reflection.

Edinburgh Castle, on top of the plateau is an extinct volcano, dominates the horizon and is the former residence of kings and queens and repository of the crown jewels. The old town runs from the castle down along a ridge of the volcano and is bisected by Princes Street Gardens. The so called Royal Mile ends at Holyrood house Palace the residence of the monarchs, including Queen Mary Stuart (1542-1587), whose bedroom is of one of the most famous rooms in the world. From this ridge is spreading a maze of medieval streets with high buildings and underground passageways. The new city, with neoclassical houses, located north of Princes Street and many of them designed by Architect Robert Adam (1728-1792).

At the foot of the Royal Mile lies the controversial Scottish Parliament building. After a contest to find a suitable architect Enric Miralles (1955-2000) from Barcelona was chosen to design the new building in 1998. The parliament building, a series of oval structures with meeting rooms, galleries and rooms, was opened in 2004 by Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1947 began the Edinburgh International Festival, as a remedy to the Second World War to reunite Europe through culture. It is now an annual event and has now also others, like the Fringe, film, books and jazz festivals and the military tattoo. Every year in August and September the city becomes an extravaganza performing in theaters, streets, churches, tents and galleries, which millions of tickets were sold. It is now the largest arts festival in the world.