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Sights in London that tourists can see them for free

London Holiday, United Kingdom, British Museum front view

London is an expensive city, but who makes his home lessons can be to plan a program with a long list of objectives and activities holiday that does not cost anything. London metropolis has many interesting places to show the world, without receiving any fee. Here are some places in London that tourists can see them penniless.

The Scoop

The Scoop is an outdoor place near the bridge Tower Bridge, which hosts various shows. During the summer, The Scoop is used as an amphitheater for concerts, plays, film screenings etc. This way you get to see various cultural events without any money out of pocket to remove.

Royal Festival Hall

Royal Festival Hall is one of the main cultural centers of London. Royal Festival Hall was initially used as a hall. In recent years, however, this place and free events: exhibitions, concerts, workshops etc. Here you can take the elevator with glass walls to the top where there is a terrace with a spectacular view of the city.

Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection Hertford House is an interesting exhibition with works of art and beyond. Visitors can see free collections of weapons and exhibitions of paintings, works of Rembrandt, Titian and Van Dyck. Wallace Collection is considered one of the most interesting collections of art in London.

Grand Museum of Zoology

Grand Museum of Zoology is an educational museum, used mainly for students at University College London. The museum is open and public, which can be seen here all kinds of animal biological curiosities. There are organized tours, in which is included a glass of wine.

British Museum

The British Museum is one of the most important museums in London, including works of art and exhibits from all civilizations. The museum can be visited free after 10:00 AM and there is a night shift in one of the week day.

St Bride's Church

St Bride's Church is one of London's churches with the longest history. The first religious edifice that was built in this place was the 7th century AD. Existing church today dates from the eighteenth century. Tradition says that the church would be architectural form inspired wedding cake shape, hence the name of the church (Bride's Church - Church Bride). The crypt church is old exhibits, some dating from Roman times; others are from the middle Ages.

National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery is a museum lover ideal for portraits. Visitors found here a large collection of portraits of historical figures and contemporary portraits. The museum has a terrace where you can take beautiful photos of the city.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is one of the most famous museums of modern art in the world. The museum houses works of art since the 1900s. Periodically, in the Tate Modern is exposed huge artwork, made by one of contemporary artists.