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London for a weekend

London, United Kingdom, Crown Jewels

What would London be without the monarchy, without tradition: in no other city in the world the past is as picturesque enacted as around Buckingham Palace? The shiny black bearskin caps over red uniforms, the Queen smiled graciously, while the Gothic facade backdrop.

London is signed by the thousand year old monarchy, but the city is the cradle of the miniskirt, the place where the Beatles became famous, the birthplace of punk, the stronghold of the striking fashion. London is infinitely creative and yet so much tied to the rituals that the Queen still must ask for permission if wants to enter in the City center of London.

The certain pride of Londoners can be explained in history, for though the Romans in Britain Londinium the capital of their island kingdom. After the fall of the Roman Empire nudged by the Angles and Saxons, and also settled on the Thames. Already in the sixth century, England was Christianized, and London gained with the St. Paul's Cathedral his first church. William the Conqueror chose nevertheless Westminster Abbey, when he left in 1066 crown - as the founder of a unique tradition. For all the English kings would now be crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Today many millions of tourists annually visit London for a city break, weekend or short holiday. Not only the many wonderful attractions of the city rich, but also because London is known as the birthplace of the musical. The political London is no less present, because it controls a significant portion of downtown. In Whitehall, the government district, the most important offices and ministries, the Banquet palace is there, and as a bulwark of democracy elevate themselves to the Houses of Parliament, since 1547 the seat of the British Parliament. On the north side, Big Ben is in place, which for many with his thirteen-ton bell the most beautiful melody Snooze. At 10 Downing Street is residence the Prime Minister, whose house is not on display.

But the Royal London willingly opens its gates to tourists because the queen has a section for visitors to Buckingham Palace made accessible. The Tower can be visited, which currently houses the crown jewels by guards in medieval costume will be monitored. And Westminster Abbey shows its splendor during a service, where the eye is attracted again by the confusing maze of pillars.

But finally ending every weekend or city break London at Piccadilly Circus, at the Nelson Column in Trafalgar Square and a ride in a biplane, to go shopping in the luxury Harrods department store. But the Tate and National Gallery are worth visiting, and who of "British" means that certain ordered high tea. With the British tea cure all ills, but they also celebrate a unique city with it. Unless they still prefer the pubs for a pint of bitter or a grab.