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The hidden sights of Turkey

Hidden Sights of Turkey, Edirne, Turkey, Selimiye Mosque outside view

Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations of Romanian tourists. However, many destinations are little known by foreigners who arrive in this country.

Here are some of the hidden sights of Turkey:

Kartalkaya mountain resort

Kartalkaya is a Turkish resort located between Ankara and Istanbul. This is one of the most developed ski resorts of Turkey. Besides winter sports, Kartalkaya is attractive in summer. The resort offers breathtaking views of mountains and lakes here. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine which is famous in the region.

The ancient city of Sagalassos

Sagalassos is an ancient city, located near Antalya. Archaeological sites here rival those in coastal regions, often frequented by tourists. Sagalassos is located in the Toros Mountains, a region with many lakes. The oldest traces of human settlement here dates from 12,000 BC found

Selimiye Mosque, Edirne

Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is one of the most impressive monuments in the Marmara and around Turkey. The mosque was built at the will of Sultan Selim II in the sixteenth century. The interior is colored light filtered through the many windows of the windows. In Edirne we can visit other objectives such as Medical Museum, Martyrs' Monument, Bridge and Mosque Gazi Mihal.

Nemrut Dagi National Park

Nemrut Dagi National Park is one of the main attractions in eastern Turkey. Park is especially attractive due enigmatic statues found here. Sanctuary here was discovered in the nineteenth century. Today, the archaeological site of Nemrut Dagi is a little known tourist destination in Turkey compared to other regions where historical remains were discovered. The park may be visited between May and October. Tour operators are organized tours in this place, but can be reached by car.