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Travel Europe Turkey The fairy tale of Istanbul

The fairy tale of Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey, Maiden's Tower (Kiz Kulesi) at dusk

Travel to Istanbul and live the fairy tale of 1001 nights.

Strategically situated on both banks of the Bosphorus and across two continents, the bustling Turkish metropolis Istanbul. This fascinating world-class metropolis, which is the bridge between East and West, but also brings a fascinating rich past with a surprisingly modern today.-b-
Istanbul was once the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire and is today, with more than 12 million inhabitants the biggest city of Turkey and one of the largest cities in the world. Be surprised by the many impressive mosques, it`s beautiful historical buildings and numerous narrow alleyways in the Grand Bazaar. Step into a world of magic and live the fairy tale of 1001 night.

Istanbul for Beginners - Three musts in the vibrant Turkish city of one million majestic mosques.

Istanbul has many beautiful mosques, but the "Blue Mosque" and the Hagia Sophia, both located at the green Sultanahmet Square, you should go see it. Walk into the17-century Sultan Ahmet Mosque, the only one mosque in Istanbul with 6 minarets, and there admire the blue Iznik tiles which the 'Blue Mosque' owes its nickname. Visit the impressive Hagia Sophia, built as a cathedral in 532, under the Ottoman Empire transformed into a mosque and now serving as a museum. The imposing building with its huge dome with a diameter of not less than 30 meters is certainly not leave you unmoved.

Not far from the Hagia Sophia and the "Blue Mosque" lies the entrance to the Basilica Cistern or Yerebatan Saray, a sixth-century underground water storage facility to the Imperial Palace in times of siege was to provide clean drinking water. A visit to this attractive illuminated "underground palace" with its 336 columns is more than worth it. Whatever centuries to the imagination, the fabulous Topkapi Palace, situated on one of the seven hills of Istanbul with a magnificent view of the Bosphorus. Here you bring in hundreds of rooms set around four courtyards without doubt a very exciting day.

Absolutely not miss a visit to the Grand Bazaar, for many the highlight of a trip to Istanbul. This covered market with its thousands of shops in 58 streets is one of the largest in the world. In this vast maze of compressive negotiating the price of jewelry, spices, carpets and much more, feel you are guaranteed hours of shopping.