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Travel Europe Turkey Hot lime - turquoise waters and terraces in blossom - Pamukkale

Hot lime - turquoise waters and terraces in blossom - Pamukkale

Pamukkale, Turkey, Hot springs

Pamukkale is a tourist attraction and a unique natural heritage in Turkey and worldwide. Somewhere in the province of Denizli, in southwestern Turkey, is a natural site. Because white limestone dusts the entire area was called Pamukkale "Cotton Castle".

Travertine terraces are covered in part by a mesh of turquoise water bewildering. Due to several earthquakes and erosion of thermal water were dug terraces forming the petals on the lips. Geological formations are absolutely spectacular, the entire stretch.

There is one area where people are allowed access. Before entering the terraces, you must take off the shows, which can be very unpleasant. Formations in dry areas can easily scratch your foot and thermal pools of water have deposits of rock, so you do not see where you stand. Also, these mini pool temperatures vary from one eye to another.

If you have a lot to you, is not a good idea to go on the terrace alone. You can always unbalance the weight and the uneven ground. The shadow above the terraces is trees and benches where you can relax.

Because people enjoy hot springs and thousands of years ago in the upper terraces Hierapolis ancient city ruins of the old sleep.
Pamukkale and Hierapolis were included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. If you want to enjoy the thermal waters and have time to visit the archaeological site, then you should stay here at least half a day.

One legend says that water has special properties in Pamukkale, helping to regenerate, beauty and healing.
To test the legend, you can check how your legs look Denizli city or residents can take home a little water bottle.

Best times to visit the limestone terraces are in the fall and spring. Summer is not recommended to come here, especially if you do not resist heat well. White limestone, thermal water, hot sun and open terraces, shadow-free, these are all factors unbearable in peak season.

Because warm water effects on the body, tourists are advised to go to the toilet at the entrance, before entering effectively in natural site.
Also from the entrance has to buy liquids, because once you enter the tourist attraction, will not have where to buy water.
It is advisable to have in hand luggage, in addition to water, sun protection accessories.