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Travel Europe Turkey Bodrum - The land of eternal blue

Bodrum - The land of eternal blue

Bodrum, Turkey, Castle towers

Homer said about Bodrum, that it is "The land of eternal blue", a stretch of blue, you understand it best if you visit this resort. The entire Turkish Riviera is dotted with places spectacular beaches bathed in the greenish waters, while the dark-blue spots are seen in large, pigmented with islands. However Bodrum seem to surpass all.

One of the striking things for anyone who gets in Bodrum is the deep blue of the sea. Hotels, restaurants and homes have terraces, constructed so as to provide the best view over the sea. And indeed, the view is spectacular enough that you relax and soak in the holiday air. Especially sunsets are spectacular, although you can hardly find a place where you can say so. In addition, the city is famous for its rich supply of night life; the resort is very well developed for fun.

The Turks know very well the strengths resort and make profit from them. There are cruises whose concept is more than eloquent. If you find yourself in Bodrum and you want a special experience, you can rent a boat for the Blue Voyage, a holiday at sea, along the southwestern Turkish Riviera. Such a boat is a very special way of seeing the Aegean and Mediterranean coast. Many archaeological sites are easily accessible from the water coming. A Blue Voyage route includes visiting some regions such as Bodrum, Knidos, Datca or Dalyan, with stops in coves where pine forests meet the sea.

Another possibility is to make a one-day cruise with one of the boats for tourists. They are found in almost all Turkish seaside resorts and in summer are very noisy and crowded. For about a few Euro, you get a ride a few hours or a day, with music and entertainment on board, with lunch included, and stops in the islands, beaches, bays, etc.

Like any tourist destination with a strong Mediterranean air, Bodrum is nice because it simply combines white buildings with blue sea and many flowers. Bodrum architecture is unmistakable. The houses are built in the same style, typically Mediterranean, with white outer, pigmented with colorful flowers hanging high on the windows or the garden.

But these are not the only attractions of the resort. In fact, Bodrum boasts several superlatives. The city houses the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, considered one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Today, visitors who come to see this mausoleum also found in the archaeological site only monument foundations. The mausoleum was built between 353-350BC for King Mausolus. King did not have to see the whole work but his wife, while being also his sister, Artemisia II, continued work on the monument. Access to the target is slow, winding road is about a highly circulated and no sidewalk. From the station can walk to Mausoleum in about10-15 minutes.

Bodrum Castle is another important symbol of the city. It is also known as the Castle of St. Peter. Situated on a promontory, the castle is one of the buildings representative of the region's long history of, the present Bodrum. The castle houses the Museum of Archaeology. The whole complex is worth a visit for sure, because you have a lot to see here. Book your 2-3hours to see everything at length. From the ramparts, you have a panorama that will cause to do as many photos. And between breaks, you can contemplate living pigeons and peacocks in the courtyard of the castle.