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Travel Europe Turkey Antalya - The dream of every tourist

Antalya - The dream of every tourist

Antalya, Turkey, Hotel view

Antalya is one of the most popular European countries for its beaches and nightlife. To these may be added historical monuments left by the Romans or Greeks, diving, sailing, paragliding, mountain escalation, navigating the raft, observatory TUBITAK, tourist routes, and shops with affordable prices. Still, most tourists prefer this resort with prices for accommodation, food and holidays, which are among the most attractive in the world.

Even if the Mediterranean region is home to over a million and half people, and over 300 sunny days of the year attract thousands of tourists, the sea is always clear and clean and fine sand.

Ottoman Citadel Kale, narrow alleys, old wooden houses, stone archways, private gardens, Yat Limani port, historical center Kaleici, Antalya Museum, Gate of Emperor Hadrian, the Arch of ornamental stone, numerous mosques, and generally, landscapes and atmosphere, transform the resort in an ideal place to spend a family holiday. With only a few hundred Euros, their family can spend here an unforgettable week.

Youth is also a perfect place for vacation, because the restaurants, shops, nightclubs, festivals, concerts, tours and other adventure and entertainment centers.

Depending on the period, style or length of holiday, tourists can choose from the bids for the seaside, New Year, honeymoon, weekend's, youth programs, business travel and more.

At distances of several kilometers from Antalya, is equally interesting resorts, such as Alanya, Belek, Kemer, Lara Kundu or Side.