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Travel Europe Turkey Ancient city of Ephesus

Ancient city of Ephesus

Ephesus, Turkey, Celsius Library ruins

Ephesus is a great surprise to anyone visiting Turkey. Not necessarily have to be passionate about history and not know much about architecture. It is to be open enough to enjoy one of the most attractive sights in Asia Minor.
A walk on the streets of Ephesus, framed by columns of temples and building houses and stores former is a trip through time. With a good guide, even while you travel. Ancient city of Ephesus is located in Izmir province of Turkey.

If you stay in Bodrum, including optional excursions you can visit to Ephesus. Reserve at least two hours to know the ancient city as it was preserved in some places amazingly well and have many beautiful things to see. Get a good local guide, willing to tell you and show you details that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Tourists who come to spend their holiday in Turkey, the Aegean Sea, visit Ephesus to see one of the greatest cities of Asia Minor Greeks. Romanian During a long period of time Ephesus was the second largest city in the Roman Empire and also one of the most populated.
Hadrian's Temple, Amphitheatre, Theatre are other outstanding buildings you can see in the archaeological site. Theatre is famous because St. Paul preached to pagans here. Architectural technique is impressive. You can find the archaeological site made from pieces of stone arches where there is no binder was used and still standing.

Another architectural jewel is the Library of Celsius, which dates from AD 135 BC, was built to be used as a Roman mausoleum, to Celsius, but with the library function. The statues on the facade of the monument is placed Wisdom, Knowledge, Destiny and intelligence. A good guide will know how to show you the best position where you can take pictures with the library.

Latrine from Ephesus dating from the first century AD and is considered very modern for its time, very civilized. It was built over a water channel flowing continuously. The seats were made from a piece of marble with cutouts for each person, without being separated by a wall, the main purpose being to socialize.

Also, there is a roof over your head, rest room having opening. Thus, there was no ceiling, the place was outdoors. In the center there is a pool room which collects rainwater, and the floor was covered with mosaics. Because no one can eavesdrop on any conversation in two, using just ambient music, sung by performers on the spot. Voices are blurred by the noise of water, offering privacy to those who plotted a business and share important information.

Go to see Ephesus fall or spring when temperatures are bearable. The archaeological site is located in the tourist season in full sun and a walk over an hour is very hard to do among the rocks. If you do go in summer, take with you something to put on the head, Sunscreen lotion and water. It is also recommended to be dressed and wear something comfortable sport. If you're lucky, you might be greeted by some lazy cat in the sun on a piece of column. Eager to comfort, to swing and meows whenever see any tourists.