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Travel Europe Turkey Alanya - The 150 towers fortress

Alanya - The 150 towers fortress

Alanya, Turkey, Boats near peninsula cliffs

Located about 100 km from Antalya, Alanya is one of the most attractive resorts in the Mediterranean in Turkey. Mild climate, warm waters of the sea, sandy beaches and beauty of the city make this resort a very competitive holiday destination.

Alanya has a very long history in the back, reaching up through the years 200 BC. The city was once known as Coracesium, and on these places was once the strongest and most impressive fortress on the coast of Turkey, with no less than 150 towers.
And like any city with a rich history, it is said that Alanya is a real open air museum. Today you can see the remains of ancient settlements, ruins as Syedra Ruins or Leartes. Iotape or Port History is another tourist attraction worth a visit.

Those who arrive in Alanya can visit the Byzantine church of St. George and are able to climb to the castle to enjoy the view over the harbor. Medieval castle is a real historical attraction of the region. There are taxis and minibuses (dolmus) that lead visitors to the castle. Along the way, they can stop at one of the terraces or coffee shops on the exiting way. Another way to see the city from above is the red tower visit, Kizil Kule. Located right in the port, the tower is one of two essential parts of the resort, next to the castle.

Alanya region is rich in caves (Kadrini, Hasbahce, Pirates, Dim, etc), of which the most famous cave is Kadrini. Studies have shown that the cave was inhabited by several thousand years ago, so it is believed that it is one of the first settlements in this area. But perhaps the most attractive is Valentine Cave. Tourists can make excursions with cruise ships. Legend says that lovers must enter the cave and jump into the water together, through this act is promising to remain together for life.
Thanks to its beaches and recreational areas, the resort is a very suitable destination for those interested in air and water sports.