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Famous Restaurants in Barcelona

Famous Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain, Torre dAlta Mar city view

Barcelona is famous for, its renowned tapas, delicious snacks you can serve anytime, and for its Spanish cuisine. One of the best ways to experience the Spanish culture is to go to a famous restaurant in Barcelona, where you enjoy a special setting and a great meal.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Barcelona:

Restaurant Torre d'Alta Mar

Torre d'Alta Mar is one of the most famous and popular restaurants in Barcelona. Its customers enjoy the finest dishes and a spectacular view of city and the sea. The menu consists of meat and fish, as well as fine foods such as truffles and caviar. Torre d'Alta Mar is situated 75 meters above sea level and is decorated in avant-garde style.

Restaurant Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos in Barcelona is a unique restaurant that serves traditional tapas dishes and seafood with Asian dishes from Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. Customers can request a tasting menu, which costs between 55 and 75 Euro. A lunch costs 20 Euros.

Moments restaurant

Moments is an elegant restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental hotel that offers its clients traditional Catalan dishes and foods interpreted in a modern, unique manner. In 2011, the restaurant won a Michelin star. A meal here costs around 100 Euros per person.

Arola restaurant

Arola restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of the hotel, Hote Arts. The restaurant has a beautiful terrace with live music and entertainment. Customers can opt for a tapas tasting menu at 50 euros. Main courses start at 28 euros.

Restaurant Paradis del Pep

Restaurant Paradis del Pep is a restaurant in Barcelona that serves every day new foods, most of which is seafood. For lovers of seafood and fish, this restaurant is the best choice, due to freshness and quality ingredients prepared. A meal here costs about 85 Euros per person.