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Travel Europe Spain A fairytale castle - Alcazar of Segovia

A fairytale castle - Alcazar of Segovia

A fairytale castle, Alcazar of Segovia, Spain, The Castle in summer

At about 90 kilometers from Madrid, at northwest, will found Segovia, a beautiful city located near the mountains of the Sierra de Guadarama. All city streets leading to the castle that dominates the province, the Alcazar of Segovia. It is located on a high rock, at the confluence Clamores and Eresma Rivers and was built in Mudejar style, a mixture Hispano-Muslim, with contemporary elements of those times. Castle is one of the most famous in Spain. It was used as a fortress, royal palace, prison, Royal College of Artillery, Military Academy.

Although archaeological evidence demonstrates existence of building since the roman period, the first official references about the castle dates from 1120. Later documents mentioned here only a wooden structure on roman foundation. Alcazar of Segovia, like many fortifications in Spain, was originally conceived as an Arabian fort built on old roman structure.

Only in during the reign of Alfonso VIII Alcazar becomes the main residence, after a hard work to lift the stone building. In the middle Ages, it became the favorite residence of the monarchs of the kingdom of Castile. It was also an important defense point for the country.

In 1258, during King Alfonso X of Castile, the castle was rebuilt (after a crash) and formal rooms were embellished. Later, King Juan II raised new tower that bears his name.
Philip II gave the following restoration, adding sharp towers and was completed in 1587 with the main garden and areas reserved to "School of Honor ".

After Royal Court was moved to Madrid, Alcazar served as a prison nearly two centuries. Then, for a century, hosted the Royal Artillery School. In 1862 the building was partially destroyed by fire.
In 1882 began the restoration of the castle and became a military academy. Castle interiors are as elegant as the outside. Remarkable are the Hall of Honor, the Throne Room and the Kings Hall, adorned with many works of art.

The castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in Spain, a truly magical place where history seems to have stopped, revealing mysterious beauties and a source of inspiration for Walt Disney to create Cinderella's Castle.