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Travel Europe Slovenia Maribor - European cultural capital which incite the senses

Maribor - European cultural capital which incite the senses

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About Maribor is known in principle, is the oldest grape-vine in the world. And although this advantage is not to ignore, Maribor has many things to offer. In 2012, the city is the cultural capital of Europe and thus has the opportunity to remove the sleeve all the aces. And the destinations are few advantages. Hills full of grape-vine, local cuisine with a natural, closer to Croatia and Austria, museums, the level of civilization and competitive prices are just a few attributes of this city.

Maribor, joy senses

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia. Located in the North Country, is easy to get here from Austria, Italy, Croatia and even Hungary, especially by car. For Romanians, the road is longer because there direct flights to Slovenia. You can fly up in Ljubljana, where there are regular flights to Maribor or choose to call a town in one of the surrounding countries. The effort, however, fully deserved.

Old Town has a great architecture and very tender to foreigners willing to go to a show or dine here. Prices are affordable, food and drinks do not disappoint, and people are friendly and speak English everywhere. Drava River cruises are done with music and snacks. Another option is simply to relax at a cafe on the shore. Ducks, pigeons, sparrows and swans live together in harmony on the banks of the Drava.

In the heart of town is the Old Vine, the oldest grape-vine in the world, yet productive. With over 400 years old, life got in the Guinness Book of Records. Today, wine produced by it is not sold, but the protocol is offered as a world-class personalities. You can go to tastings here, Monday to Sunday, even without programming. A glass of wine will cost 3 Euros. Staff can arrange tastings according to customer desires, with a number of people, homemade, etc. wine presentations.

Why is Maribor a European cultural capital?

Mariborul suite is part of the European Cultural Capital cities for a period of one year. Meanwhile, the city is organizing a series of cultural events with a strong European dimension. Maribor was the perfect candidate: former industrial city, Maribor has reinvented itself in recent years brought its cultural attractions, from ancient architecture to natural resources, eager to make known worldwide.

"It's about change; Maribor was a city that has become a cultural industry. It is a way to change the future economic elements. Maribor is a small town. I was surprised to discover that their clever idea to associate with municipalities others is good for the future. A cultural capital is not just a city. Must be a cultural past and those they naturally we have here, with diverse influences from everywhere, influences of neighboring countries: are very close to Austria, Croatia and also have their personality.

This is important to become a cultural capital. It is also a chance to resolve the past and have a new generation that has hope for the future and which is now a cultural "said in an interview, Jose A Dielens, Expert Council of Europe Member Royal Institute for International Relations and Treasurer of the organization Association of European Cities and Regions for Culture.

How to promote Maribor as European Capital of Culture

According to Table Puklavec, representative of the Slovenian Tourist Office, promoting Maribor was conducted on three levels: events, PR and advertising. The city was promoted at events such as ITB Berlin 2011, Vienna Ferienmesse WTM 2011 and 2012. Partnerships with other cities have benefited both sides. "Maribor partner cities are Slovenj Gradec, Velenje, Novo Mesto, Murska Sobota and Ptuj. We have around 500 projects and 1500 events," said during the meeting Dijana FIJET Madzarac, marketing representative at Public Institute Maribor 2012.