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What to do if you go on holiday in Slovakia

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Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, is the most visited city in the country. Most tourists are limited to walking the streets, admiring the buildings and visits to museums, unaware that Slovakia is a beautiful country and beyond the capital.

Here are some things you should not miss them if you get in Slovakia.

Ice Cave

There are dozens of caves that can be visited in Slovakia, but none is more spectacular than the famous ice cave Demanovska. The cave is situated in the heart of the National Park and is undoubtedly one of the most interesting caves in Europe, mainly due to formations of ice that melt very little only in the summer months.

Natural Spa

Slovakia is famous for its spas and natural springs with mineral water. If you get in Slovakia, don`t miss the natural treatment areas in one of these natural baths.

If you get Auparc shopping center in Bratislava, do not miss the famous spa centers, and Aqua Paradise Spa & Aqualand.

Also you will find other similar centers and hotels Marrols, sweet and AquaCity (Propad city).

If you want to get in Piestany spa, is where also you will find many spas. Here you will find public thermal baths where a fee is paid for 30 minutes of relaxation.

Rafting on the Bela River

If you are an adventurous person, for sure you will enjoy an experience of rafting along the River Bela. Autumn and spring are the best times for rafting, but also kayaking.

Here, you pay an entrance fee for two hours of rafting or kayaking.

Cable car ride in Tatra Mountains

You cannot get to Slovakia and miss a cable car ride and see as the most beautiful mountain areas. If you get Tatra Mountains, ride the cable car should be on your list of goals. Thus, you have the unique chance to see much of Slovakia up and enjoy the unique scenery spectacular.

Boating cork

During April-October, Slovakia warm weather is ideal for boating cork. If you get the Veh River, the longest river in Slovakia, do not miss the chance to walk on the site using a boat and see this charming towns and villages such as Strečno, Zilina and Bytca.

If you like popular tourist destinations, you will definitely fall in love with village the castle Strečno Strečno. Apart from visiting the castle, the village is a starting point for rafting.

Climbing Mount Rysy

If you get the Tatra region, not Rysy rate, the highest peak in the area. The good thing is that the Slovakian side path is less difficult when opposed to the Polish side. When you get up, you will enjoy a splendid view and a very clean air.