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Travel Europe Russia TransSiberian Railway - a fascinating tourist route in the heart of Siberia

TransSiberian Railway - a fascinating tourist route in the heart of Siberia

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The longest railway in the world, which crossed Siberia from east to west, is a route worth taking into consideration by the adventurous tourists, who are looking for an incredible experience. Given the impressive length, Trans-Siberian railway lets you create your own tourist route, depending on the landscape and regions that you want to visit.

History of the Trans-Siberian railway

In 2013, Trans-Siberian railroad turns the venerable age of 122 years. In achieving this goal there were invested huge amounts of money, the total being of 1.455 billion rubles! Once built, Trans-Siberian railway led to increased exports between Russia and Central Europe.

Currently, Trans-Siberian railway continues to be an important transport route for Russian goods.

Trans-Siberian railway tourist routes

Tourists interested in a Siberian rail adventure on the longest railway in the world (10,000 miles) can choose several tourist routes. Departure station is in the city of St. Petersburg, Trans-Siberian railroad crossing and other great cities in Russia, among them being the capital, Moscow.

One of the most accessible routes is Trans-Siberian, which connects Moscow to Vladivostok, passing through Yaroslavl, a town on the River Volga, Ural Mountains Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, located near the southern extremity of Lake Baikal, and Khabarovsk. This course has duration of 6 days and allows admiring the whole territory of Russia.

Another option is the tourist route line Baikal - Amur. Overlapping route Moscow - Vladivostok to Tayshet, after which avoids Lake Baikal and reaches the locality Sovetskaya Gavan, to the Pacific Ocean.

Last but not least, it should be noted Trans-Manchurian route. It separates from the path followed by Moscow-Vladivostok line to Tarskaya, Trans-Manchurian route taking away to China, reaching Beijing in no less than 9-10 days. The cost of a second class ticket is $ 769 and the first class for $ 1199.

In the matter of tourist’s tastes and preferences, a Trans-Siberian railway journey can take between 6 and 19 days and cost up to $ 3649.