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Travel Europe Russia Saint Basil Cathedral - The geometric center of Moscow

Saint Basil Cathedral - The geometric center of Moscow

Saint Basil Cathedral, Moscow, Russia, At winter

Orthodox Cathedral of St. Basil (Saint Basil Cathedral) is probably the point of maximum attraction of Moscow. Located in Red Square in Moscow, St. Basil is striking architectural style and colors of the dresses so bright outside and inside the building.

Saint Basil's Cathedral was built between 1555 and 1561 as a symbol of victory of Ivan the Terrible over the Tartars from Khanate of Kazan. This marks the geometric center of the city. Until 1600, Saint Basil's Cathedral was the tallest building in Moscow; the name was later adopted by the bell tower of Ivan the Great.

Building design illustrates the shape of a flame that rises to the sky, a unique Russian architecture. Saint Basil's Cathedral initial appearance was much different than today's. Bright colors that can be seen today were acquired in several stages between 1680 and 1848. In the eighteenth century Russian attitude on the color has changed, now focusing on the bright colors, explosive attitude led to rethinking the whole look and image of today.

Saint Basil's Cathedral is a sight required, not only because of extraordinary appearance. In St. Basil's Cathedral are housed relics, one of the most venerated saints of Russia (St. Basil the Crazy for Christ, 1468-1552). He was buried in Holy Trinity Cathedral, a building located at that time in the spot where now we find St. Basil.