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Travel Europe Romania The most beautiful four monasteries in Romania

The most beautiful four monasteries in Romania

Beautiful Monastery, Putna, Romania, Outside view spring time

Churches and monasteries in Romania is not only holy places in which to pray , but true tourist spots , a magnet for visitors from around the world.

The news about the beauty of monasteries and churches in Romania reached the ears of foreigners very quickly, who tend to come in Romania just to visit them.

1. Voronet Monastery

Located in the village of the same name in Gura Humor monastery VoroneŇ£ is one of the most important monastery built by Stephen the Great .

VoroneŇ£ monastery began construction in 1488 and was completed in only four months and a half.

The monastery is famous for has retained its original shape , and interior paintings , including " The Last Supper ", " Sharing the apostles " and " Washing the feet " .

2. Sucevita Monastery

The legend says that the monastery was built with the help of a woman who, for the forgiveness of sins, she carried the stones needed for the building in about 30 years , with her ox.

Sucevita is on the road between Campulung and Radauti and impress with elements of Gothic and Byzantine architecture .

3 . Monastery Three Hierarchs

Three Hierarchs Monastery follows the holy places chain in Moldova exactly from Iasi city.

This is recognized and highly appreciated because Parascheva relics , which is said to be miraculous .

The monastery was built between 1637 and 1639 by Vasile Lupu, ruler of Moldavia.

4. Putna Monastery

Putna Monastery , located in Suceava , was called by Mihai Eminescu : "Jerusalem of the Romanian Nation " .

It was built at the request of Stephen the Great , starting in 1466 and was completed three years later . The monastery was restored after 188 years.

Putna Monastery is the place where Stephen the Great was buried, but also Maria Voichita, the third wife of his.