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Travel Europe Romania Spectacular Holiday - Mud volcanoes

Spectacular Holiday - Mud volcanoes

Spectacular Holiday, Buzau, Romania, Mud Volcanoes close view

At 12 kilometers from Berca is a spectacular natural reservation with a landscape rarely seen in the world. As detached from a lunar painting, the place abounds miniature volcanoes that instead of throwing lava throw gray or brown mud, originated from the dissolution of marls and clays of high pressure water and gas. As they grow, they intend craters, join together to form large craters. Other times they stop, only to erupt a few kilometers away.

The biggest con on the reservation is about a meter and a half. In large cones mud is viscous and stutters rarely. Small cones have a much liquid mud and stutters often. Although you might think it is hot, the mud is actually cold. The edges of the cones are also misleading. Although they seem solid, they are made of hardened mud, covered with thin crusts, or remaining wet where mud dripping.

In area Paclele Mici, volcanoes are smaller but spectacular and have more activity. In area Paclele Mari, located just a few miles away, volcanoes are higher, but lazier.

Under the sun, the water evaporates, the mud dries and cracks. The images leave a lasting impression on visitors. Although not unique in the world, the mud volcanoes of Paclele Mici and Paclele Mari are among the few in Europe and the only ones at the surface. Vegetation is almost absent on the plateau where mud volcanoes sulking. In distance, solitary trees trying to survive. There are still some special plants, unique in the country specific to the region Central Asia.

Rare geological manifestations and halophile plants that grow near volcanic cones made the area be declared since 1924 a Natural Reservation, Geological and Botanical.