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Travel Europe Romania Sibiu - a walk through the past

Sibiu - a walk through the past

Sibiu Holiday, Sibiu, Romania, Orthodox Cathedral view

If you want to see something new, even for a weekend and do not know what to choose, go to Sibiu. It is extremely tender for tourists and makes all parallel.

Sibiu is in Cibin depression in southern Transylvania. To get there, take the plane or go by train. The latter, in Bucharest are 5:00 and only 2 separate it from Brasov. For those arriving on Sunday is good to know that the city buses do not run on this day. You can choose between private car and a taxi to get to the hotel. A bus trip does not cost very much, but you also get to do a city tour and very quickly you plan an itinerary.

In Sibiu there are private luxury hotel, with offers for all pockets. The problem is that the city is filled with tourists in summer. Therefore it is better to rely on the fact that you will find something there.

To avoid unpleasant surprises part, it is best to book something in advance. Old Town tourist attractions are easy to find. Highway is higher, more prominent buildings and numerous taxis. From the center there are plenty of picturesque streets, like those of the Square of Brasov. Eyes are full of terraces, restaurants, fast food and shops. Just follow the crowd to reach the Square, the Old Town where it starts.

Walk through old Sibiu

A wide opening between buildings, museums and old churches, with stone that they act very friendly birds, come to eat the bread offered to tourists, they are not run by children who cheer dancing in the summer sun. In Sibiu are Romanians, Germans and Hungarians, so that at least three languages are spoken there, plus tourists from all over the world. Indications from the plates and panels usually included sightseeing in German and Romanian or English and Romanian.

Center area is a street fabric of old fortification walls, with windows placed high up, protected by shutters opening old system, with wooden gates where you cannot throw any respect, vaulted small entrances slapped paint dry over that last many years, with flights of stairs and past the deep atmosphere.

The Liars you can encounter with wedding guests. Bridge is a very strange choice for young couples and grooms who are celebrating wedding in the area, come with photographer and wedding guests to take some pictures. Nothing is more beautiful than to watch such scenes on a terrace of a restaurant somehow dug in the wall city, situated on the heights and where the show look around.

Once in Old Town, you already have in front of several attractions: Roman Catholic Parish Church of St Trinity Brukenthal Museum, History Museum, and Tower Hall. Small Square is just behind her older sister Here is the Evangelical, an impressive building in size and architecture.
Museums are closed on Mondays, and can attend church service, which is held all week in Hungarian or German, except Sunday, when the Romans can hear the liturgy in the language.

All objectives were very old pieces, statues, paintings, textiles, tombstones, weapons, altars, priest vestments, jewelry, carpets and other parts of the Middle Ages until the nineteenth century.

Evening you can go to any modern music concert, held in Central Square, or listen to classical music at the Philharmonic of Sibiu Thalia Hall, built in 1787. People come here dressed elegantly, men in suits, women in evening dresses. Some people are even very elderly people, on crutches, supported by friends or relatives, but with clothes carefully chosen such an occasion, able to enjoy an evening of chamber music.

We eat specialties?

Yes, in Sibiu there are such restaurants, where you can serve specialized, but our experience was not very happy. If you are not told from the beginning during preparation, you should ask, otherwise you might wait too much until you see the steaming plate on the table. The practical and bizarre ideas, such as two way training only after you have finished soup plate. Not all terraces have fresh food and impeccable service is not everywhere. But you can eat well and at affordable prices.

Evening the groaning tables of the world and although practically guard paths, cannot find any space. If you want, you can make something to pack and eat on the road, strolling through the Square and listening to any concert that takes place after sunset. If you stay longer, not limited to Sibiu, because it places that tourists deserve attention, such as Cisnadioara, where the basilica is a city in the thirteenth century.

You will not regret it, because Sibiu is one of those that remind us that Romania is beautiful.