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Travel Europe Romania Predeal - Romanian resort with unique flavor

Predeal - Romanian resort with unique flavor

Beautiful Holiday, Predeal, Romania, Baiului Mountains, Overall view

Predeal is one of the most popular mountain destinations in Romania. Due to its location, the Prahova Valley, a mountainous area with beautiful scenery, this small town at the foot of Bucegi is an attraction for tourists from Romania and abroad.

Predeal is in fact a city made up of several towns: Predeal, Cold Brook, Timisul de Jos and Timisul de Sus. The town lies at the foot of Bucegi and Baiului mountains, considered the town located at the highest altitude in urban zones from Romania, between 1030 meters and 1110 meters.

Landmarks in the Predeal area

The town lies 25 km from Brasov and Sinaia and 140 kilometers from Bucharest. In the area there are many attractions, such as those in Brasov or neighborhood Brasov (Bran Castle, Black Church Square, Town Hall, etc.), the Peles Castle and Pelisor Castle in Sinaia, and leisure possibilities: skiing, sledding, snowboarding, climbing, paragliding etc.

In addition, and Predeal offers several tourist attractions: Seven Stairs Canyon; Tamina Waterfall; Ice Cave; Rasnoavei Keys; Monastery of St. Nicholas; Roman Catholic monastery Catholic Chapel Timisul de Jos; Orthodox Church Saints Constantine and Helen; Predeal Train Station and Monument in front of the station Predeal.

Those who want to walk through the city have access to public transportation (buses, minibuses) which starts near the railway station and stop at key points of the city, and taxis were non-stop. In Predeal stops most of the trains that are circulating in the area.

What can you do in Predeal

In Predeal, due to the proximity of the mountains, there is cool weather much of the year: summers are cooler than the rest of the country and the winters are cold and snow for several months. This makes the main attractions of the city to be slopes that have snow starting late and holds up until summer.

You can ski - alpine skiing (on eight trails in the area), skiing (on the Rasnoavei Valley) can jump with skis, can go by cable car and ski lifts, also ATV or snowmobile, lines that have been made in recent years in the area. But we must not forget the fact that the landscapes of this area worth visiting or going on foot or using various means of travel.

For those who want to ski the most popular places in the city are ski slopes, Clabucet the most important, and because the benefits of lighting installations and installations of artificial snow product for extending the ski season.

The slopes of Predeal are Clabucet Mediu, with a length of 2100 meters; Clabucet Sosire, with a length of 800 meters and easy difficulty; Clabucet Varianta, with a length of 790 meters and easy difficulty; Clabucet Scoala, with a length of 200 meters and easy difficulty; Cocosul with a length of 2,250 meters and medium difficulty; Subteleferic, 1200 meters length and degree of difficulty difficult, 670 meters length and degree of difficulty very easily; Cold Creek, 520 meters and average difficulty.