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Travel Europe Romania Holidays with tranquility and mystery to Slanic Moldova

Holidays with tranquility and mystery to Slanic Moldova

Slanic Moldova, Romania, Restor overview

Beautiful landscapes, mineral springs, intimacy, mystery, and proximity to places full of history. That you will find the Slanic Moldova, one of the most popular resorts in Moldova, especially famous for its springs with good health effects.

Slanic Moldova Bacau resort is only few kilometers from Targu Ocna, another resort known for salt mine on the beholder. Although for a time this town was one step away of destruction, local investors in recent years have transformed it into one that can attract local and foreign tourists.

The resort boasts several goals that every tourist who arrives in the area, are supposed not to miss: City Park, the gorge and waterfall Slanic, and the mineral springs.

You can try the mountain routes of the Falls (the most recommended is the one entitled"300 stairs"), those near the mineral springs, and trails on the bank Slanic, which offers visitors shaded areas with wild flavor.

In addition, if you want to see and admire the locations where elements of architecture, it would be advisable not to miss the Catholic Church, Pearl complex and small houses and spaces with avant-garde architecture and unique elements in the area. Also, you could see the hotel Racovita and The Inhaler (which can enter the national cultural heritage as historical and architectural value), Casino (a monument has been preserved and restored because of historical value), Villa Pufu, Cerbu, Dobru etc. These places have been over 100 years ago personalities like Costache Negri, Nicu Gane, Ion Creanga, Radu Cherchez, and George Enescu, who had the first public performance at Slanic Moldova at the age of 8.

In addition, you can organize small trips to area attractions: monuments and salt mine in Targu Ocna, the monastery "Stefan cel Mare" on the Mount "Bolovanu" near the village Cerdac dam "Uzului Glade", "Tail Lake" and Uzului Valley area, which is considered among the finest in Moldova. If you go to see the dam you might be interested in Poiana Uzului know that the title of 'reserve sanitary' due to its role as a drinking water supply of cities near, including Bacau, which is over 50 miles away.

Springs from Slanic Moldova are known for beneficial effects they have on diseases such as the digestive or respiratory glands or related to nutrition and metabolism related diseases. These carbonated spring water, bicarbonate, slightly sulfurous, chlorinated, sodium, hypertonic, hypotonic and oligomineral were discovered in 1801 and compared with those of Carlsbad and Aix-les-Bains, which earned him the name of the resort Bacau "Pearl of Moldavia".

If you want to try, you'll be done with existing facilities in the halls of the resort: the warm baths in tubs for mineral water, the respiratory therapy (aerosols and inhalations), electrotherapy and hydrotherapy, physiotherapy pools, pits, those for treatment of certain peripheral vascular disease, and medical gymnastics. If you want though, to go alone to these springs, you need a detailed map of the location of springs and the effects that each spring have separately.

According to analysis by specialists, the air here would be free of dust and particles capable of causing allergies. Rich in aerosols, it is recommended to treat problems of respiratory and body to relax.

On the other hand, if you are fond of tourism with adrenaline, you can try trekking through the surrounding forests, where it is said that wolves and bears still living, and ATV rides, riding or fishing. Football lovers will find nearby resort arranged for some football players in the area.