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Travel Europe Romania Destinations in Romania you have to visit in a lifetime

Destinations in Romania you have to visit in a lifetime

Destinations once a Lifetime, Romania, Transfagarasan, Road winding through the mountains

We all dream of going to Paris to New York to relax on the sunny beaches of Hawaii or to wallow in the exotic Brazil. We recommend that you check on your list of destinations in Romania.

Romania boasts many places that you should not miss.

1. Sarmisegetuza ruins

We must not forget history and Sarmisegetuza city is an important part of it. Located 40 kilometers from Orastie Mountains, Sarmisegetuza was for more than two centuries political and administrative center of Dacia Country.

2. Danube Boilers

What could be more spectacular than to admire during a trip by boat such as the Danube meanders gracefully through the mountains? Looking carefully, one of the mountains you will find giant stone with carved face of King Decebal.

3. Sphinx of Bucegi

At 2,000 meters altitude rate, the Bucegi plateau, Bucegi Sphinx is another objective that should see it once in your life. It is a stone formation that after wind erosion has taken the form that we all know. Bucegi Sphinx measures 8 meters in height and 12 meters in width.

4. Voronet

If you arrive in Moldavia, it's worth doing a tour of all the monasteries in the area. If time does not allow this, you can choose the most representative: Voronet. Voronet is one of the most important foundations of Prince Stephen the Great is known for its walls painted in the famous "blue of Voronet".

5. Merry Cemetery in Sapanta

Merry Cemetery perfectly reflects a sense of humor that they show people of Maramures. Unlike other cemeteries, the one in Sapanta not go beyond thinking about the world, but the little joys of life.

6. Sighisoara Citadel

Sighisoara is the only still inhabited medieval citadel in Europe and was included in UNESCO in 1999.

7. Bran Castle

Bran Castle annually attracts thousands of tourists not only from Romania but also abroad. Although it's known as Dracula's Castle, historical truth is quite different. It seems that Prince Vlad Tepes passed only once through Bran, on the way to Brasov.

8. Turda Saline

Turda Saline is now a veritable museum of history of salt mining. Here, was filmed and later released on DVD concert-event Byron, a Romanian band.

9. Bears Cave

This cave can be rightfully considered one of the most beautiful caves in Romania. Discovered in 1975 and open to the public five years later, Bears Cave has become known, due to karst formations and bear skeletons from inside the cave, these animal disappeared from the earth with more than 15,000 years ago.

10. Red Lake

Situated at the foot Hasmasu Mare, this lake is the largest natural mountain lake in Romania.

11. Transfagarasan

Transfagarasan road that crosses the Fagaras Mountains was built in four years. On this famous road filmed the team who made the British car show "Top Gear". Here, it was filmed a part of American film "Ghost Rider 2 - Spirit of Vengeance", with the famous starring actor Nicolas Cage.