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Travel Europe Romania A unique holiday in Cauldrons of Danube

A unique holiday in Cauldrons of Danube

Unique Romanian Destination, Cauldrons of Danube, King Decebal stone carved face

Those who want a holiday on the Danube can choose The Cauldrons, as a destination. Cauldrons of Danube are a very beautiful natural area, suitable both for active holidays and for the relaxation. There are many recreational opportunities here for active tourists. Also, boilers Danube can attract families with children and have facilities for business events and conferences.

Cauldrons of Danube, a unique destination in Romania

Cauldrons of Danube are a holiday destination because of its natural beauty appreciated and air quality.

The cauldrons are located in south-western Romania, the Danube Gorge, and Iron Gates National Park. Cauldrons of Danube stretch over a distance of 9 km. River flows flanked by steep rock walls, making a dramatic landscape. Cauldrons of Danube are bordered by mountain massifs Ciucas Small and Large Ciucas (Clisurii Mountains) and the massive mountain in Serbia, located nearby.

Close to golf Mraconia you can find the face of the king Decebal which is carved in stone. Sculpture has dimensions of 40 by 25 meters and is one of the main attractions of the area.

Those traveling by car are able to visit many tourist attractions located in this region. You can visit Vodita Monastery, founded in the XIV th century monastery Mraconia, Tabula Traiana, a monument carved in stone on the right bank of the Danube, the Parish Museum Eselnita ruins Trikule the fourteenth century. Also, you can make trips Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park and the Iron Gates.

Cauldrons of Danube are a popular holiday destination especially in summer. That who is wishing to spend their vacation here in peak season is recommended to make reservations early.

Hostel owners offer their clients sports for football, tennis, badminton, pool heating, pontoon boat or fishing, conference rooms, kitchen, barbecue, air conditioning, playground for children,.

Cauldrons of Danube, however is an expensive holiday destination in terms of prices for accommodation. The main advantage of offers of accommodation is the landscape. Many rooms have a view towards the Danube.