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Travel Europe Romania 5 things you should not miss to Bran Castle

5 things you should not miss to Bran Castle

Bran Holiday, Brasov, Romania, Queen Marry room

Chic maze, wrapped on the four floors across a steep rock, Bran Castle with its 57 rooms, is one of the objectives must see in Romania.

Refurbished castle of Queen Mary to be comfortable residence was originally a border city, came into possession of the city, who gave it to Queen after 1918.

In 2006 the castle was returned to Queen's descendants, that Archduke Dominic Habsburg and his sisters, Mary and Elisabeth Magdalena Holzhausen Sandhofer children Princess Ileana, who bequeathed the castle Queen Mary.

According Castle administration in 2011, the castle was visited by 547,000 people and for 2012 is estimated to increase to 10% in the number of tourists.

Here are a top five of the most interesting sights in the castle:

Crown and scepter of Tuscany

It is exposed to second floor, in the bedroom from the collection of King Ferdinand and Archduke Dominic Habsburg-Lorraine. Paternal great-grandfather belonged to the Archduke Karl Saver of Austria (1839-1892), Prince of Tuscany, son of Leopold II, the last prince of Tuscany who ruled effectively.

Bedroom Queen Mary

It is located on the first floor and was one of the favorite rooms of the Queen. Today is decorated mostly with furniture crafted Neo-Brancoveanu. Most exhibits are in this room are pieces from private collections of current owners. Most representative piece comforter bed is that a really belonged to Queen Mary.

Music Hall

It is considered the most spacious and most beautiful room in the castle. Chamber serves private events held at the castle. In the middle Ages, while Bran had military functions, on this floor there is only attic that was converted by Queen Mary. Chamber was specifically chosen because it has a music room sound good. This hall has performed for the Queen and George Enescu.


Located on the first floor, is one of the strengths of the castle. It is assumed that here, in 1462, was held prisoner for several days and nights Vlad the Impaler. Prison is located near the anteroom that connects Queen Bedroom floor and these rooms I visit usually is not being presented only to certain groups or those who attend events at the castle, because prison is difficult to access.

Stairs Passage

It is considered the most important goal of the castle. The passage was dug on the eastern side of the castle since the fifteenth century and it connects the first and fourth floors. The goal was to shorten the passage way between the two levels. Be called the Secret Passage as entry was made at that time by the mouth of a stove, the door is in place now.