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Travel Europe Romania 10 unusual things about Hunyadi Castle - Part 1

10 unusual things about Hunyadi Castle - Part 1

Unusual Holiday, Hunedoara, Romania, Hunyad Castle interior view

With the approximately 75,000 visitors who have crossed the threshold only in the three summer months of this year, Corvin Castle - also called Hunyadi Castle - from Hunedoara is among the undeniable stars of the Romanian tourism.

Imposing royal fortress, later transformed into a noble residence, is one of the best castles in Eastern Europe, in the strict sense of the term, the private fortified residence. Beyond this time demanding the castle of Hunedoara is a constant presence among the most beautiful / scary / unusual / haunted / unknown castles in the world / Europe / Central and Eastern Europe and Romania.

It was at first just a fortress elongated, with a massive tower of the gate, which was donated in 1409 by King Sigismund of Luxembourg, a noble of Romanian origin, Voicu. His son, John (Iancu) de Hunedoara became one of the most important nobles of the Kingdom of Hungary, far extended fortress inherited from his father, turning it into a real castle.

10. Exhibition of objects of torture

The exhibition comprises three rooms, the left and right of the entrance to the castle. Exposed replicas of torture after a meal, a "Spanish boot", pliers, hook, nails, rope and other "accessories" used by those who obeyed the tortured, but a system sagging ceiling of the tortured one, a position which could undergo a large group of cruelty like a pyramid gradual descent iron spike. It is also recreated the atmosphere of a medieval dungeon, even in the space that functioned castle prison. Exhibition of objects of torture is a new tourist attraction, is arranged in summer.

9. Old Tower Gate

There are two towers that communicate with each other: Old Tower Gate, where access is in the courtyard, diagonally opposite the tourist entrance, followed by the White Tower, which is reached by a series of portals crossing arcade. The two towers form a collection, but the first priors the second by about 200 years. Thus, Old Tower Gate, rectangular shape, dull on the outside of the building dates from the first phase initiated by John Hunyadi and the second, round, during Bethlen.

8. Archaeology Exhibition

Museum officials "Corvin Castle" gathered together some of the most important artifacts discovered in the castle and in its vicinity, ie Sanpetru hill, where they were first discovered traces Dacian fortresses and medieval remains Hunedoara. It was a modest, with the wave of earth ditch and palisade, abandoned after the Mongol invasion of 1241. Interestingly, the exhibition was arranged in a former wine cellar of the fifteenth century, designed by Matthias Corvinus. Like the exhibition of objects of torture and the archaeological is a novelty of 2012 is arranged just this summer.

7. Fountain

Almost every city or castle in Transylvania respectable parts have a deep well, which legend says was dug by Turkish prisoners. In addition, in Hunedoara legend says that John Hunyadi would be three Turkish prisoners promised that he would release once they get into the water. After 15 years of work, reach groundwater prisoners, but wife of John - passed between the time the holy - not her husband that promise, nay, more, decide to execute it. Before being killed, the Turks write an inscription on the inside fountain "You have water but you don’t have a heart."

Leaving aside the legend, the fountain is about 30 meters deep and inside it was indeed found an inscription written in ancient Arabic: "He who wrote it is Hassan, prisoner in the fortress of church of giaours." The inscription was dated to the middle of the fifteenth century, so the time of John Hunyadi.