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Travel Europe Netherlands The best way to view Rotterdam - Euromast

The best way to view Rotterdam - Euromast

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The Euromast in Rotterdam was built in 1960 in honor of the Floriade by architect Hugh Maaskant. This architect has meant a lot to rebuild the city in the fifties and sixties. The tower is Euromast, because the heart of Rotterdam in the Euro area is Commercial. 'Mast' is a word that means the same in many languages and is written almost the same, a controlling room.

The mast is made of reinforced concrete, has a diameter of nine meters and a foot thick walls. In the first draft the mast had a height of 101 meters. At 32 meters altitude confirmed Maaskant a replica of a ship's bridge, complete with navigation and a card room, so visitors could experience being there for a ship to control.

At 96 meters was a crow's nest containing two restaurants with stunning views over the city. The 240 ton crow's nest on the ground was originally built in five days and then hoisted up the mast. The focus of the Euromast is underground with 131 concrete piles containing a 1.9 million pounds of concrete block form the foundation of the mast, as a counterbalance to the visible part of the tower.

At the opening, the Euromast was the highest building in Rotterdam. The new high-rise that quickly out of the ground around the tower mast shot lost its position as quickly however, so it was in 1970 added another 85 meters in the shape of the Space Tower. This brings the total height of 186 meters! In 2004 the Euromast was completely renovated inside.