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The Swan of Rotterdam - Erasmus Bridge

Rotterdam, Netherlands, Erasmus Bridge digital art wallpaper

The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam is more than a commitment from two banks. The bridge has become a symbol and landmark of the city and is often used as a logo of the city.

The bridge connects the city of Rotterdam to the Southbank, a development with an international reputation and aspirations. The task in designing the bridge was the solidarity of the districts on both banks of Maas and to express a unique bridge design that would contribute to the image of the city. There was a considerable budget available for this showpiece of the city of Rotterdam and had come to represent "the construction of the Rotterdam of the year 2000".

The designer of the Erasmus Bridge is Ben van Berkel of UNStudio. There was a political discussion on the draft, the question emerged whether the civil engineering or architectural side of the bridge had to prevail. The architectural significance of the bridge did not forward the form, but rather the originality and the promotion of the city. The bridge was also associated with famous bridges from distant countries.

The suspension bridge was opened in 1996 and has a total length of 802 meters. The length of the bridge is 410 meters and the top of the pylon is located at 139 meters. The deck space is 17 meters high and 33.8 meters wide. The bridge weighs 6,800 tons and 165 million euro. The bridge is asymmetrical and consists of a high inclined steel pylon with a top nod for the unilateral suspension of the guy wires .Two heavy rods are at the other end fastened to the structural support. By the kinked pylon of the bridge received is nicknamed 'The Swan'.

After the opening, it quickly became apparent that the bridge at six wind began to swing. To counteract the vibrations were new mufflers installed. This unexpected technical problem were invited to the criticism, given the exorbitant cost of the bridge.

A few years after the bridge show the technical problems of great importance for the investment climate in the Kop van Zuid. Also the bridge consists for many visitors to the city a landmark.