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Travel Europe Netherlands Holidays in Amsterdam - The city of Forbidden Pleasure

Holidays in Amsterdam - The city of Forbidden Pleasure

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Amsterdam is a city that is visited by 3.5 million tourists every year because the abundance of tourist attractions and is ideal for a relaxing weekend.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands official according to the Constitution, although the seat of government, the official residence of the queen and most embassies are located in The Hague. Amsterdam has an impressive architecture, lovely canals that spread on the town, shops that can satisfy any shopping enthusiast, many sights and especially the friendly people and very welcoming.

Here there is something for every tourist, no matter what they seek, be it culture or history of wild parties or just relaxing joy and charm of this ancient European city. Amsterdam is a tourist town with a population of over one million inhabitants that receives over 3.5 million tourists annually. There are downtown more tourist information centers that can provide updated information on attractions and sights in Amsterdam, museums, events, festivals and other tourist information.

Ideal destination for a weekend, Amsterdam is a city that covers a large area makes it ideal to explore on foot. Tourists have a wide variety of accommodation in Amsterdam there is a wide range of hotels from one star to five stars. Visitors can choose accommodation in hundreds of hostels in Amsterdam or opt for a room at a hotel in the big international hotel chains.

Channels are part of Amsterdam and a boat ride on the canals of the city is a great way to see most of the attractions of Amsterdam. A stay in Amsterdam will surely be delighted multiculturalism and bustle of the city or the Red Quarter buildings and great architecture of Amsterdam. You will also find places where you can relax because Amsterdam has many parks and green areas.

Amsterdam is definitely the central point of the Netherlands, a modern city, yet full of history, fun and zest for life that enchant every visitor. Metropolis is served by Schiphol International Airport, the fourth largest airport in Europe. Both train lines and modern road network connecting the center of Schiphol International Airport. Central Station (Centraal Station) is located in the heart of the city and is both train and bus station. Here is the link between Amsterdam and many other European countries. In addition to being easily reached both by train and Amsterdam by plane, the city is well connected and European highway network while being a very important port for ships crossing the oceans of the world line.

Useful things for your holiday in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is an unusual city because it has all the advantages of a big city such as culture and history, restaurants, entertainment options, beautiful, a very good transportation but has very few disadvantages of being relatively small in size, quiet, and because its channel has aired traffic.

Amsterdam is a city about night, many shops do not open until after 10 AM and the bars and cafes, most stay open until 2 am.

Official currency is Euro. If you have any other currency you can change at post offices which usually offer the best rates. Text from the exchange is in Dutch, "Verkoopt" = sale, "Koopt" =purchase. Prices are in euro at the house. Credit cards are not as widespread in the Netherlands as much as one might think. It is best to ask before, if you wish to pay by credit card.

In the Netherlands, by law, all taxes and tips are included in the price, the price you see on the note is all you have to pay. General practice in restaurants in Amsterdam is to round the amount to a fixed number of euros so that tip to be about 5%. Do not feel obliged to leave tips. If the note says that service is not included the waiters is trying to fool you. Never leave any tip in taxis.

Amsterdam is a safe city and you have no reason to fear if you want to walk the streets at night in any part of the city. Even "Red District" is a safe place. There are many police patrols, plus all the time and the sex industry employers in the area do not want tourists to have bad experiences to want to return. As in any big city has to pay attention to pickpockets. Do not shoot women in the windows so that your device will not get to the river.

In Amsterdam, the water from fountains is very good for drinking. Amsterdam is one city with one of the best water networks in Europe.

"It's raining less in Rome, but Amsterdam has several cafes". Like this sounds one of the ads for tourism in the city, definitely offer restaurants, bars and cafes in Amsterdam is high.

Amsterdam has excellent public transport services. You can find many trams and better facilities for cyclists including special traffic lights for cyclists. If you walk through Amsterdam beware markings for bicycles. The locals get upset if you go on the bike lane and some might even hurt you.

The best way to get around the city is the tram. Fri often is fast and reliable. You can buy tickets from conductor or from vending machines located at tram. It is much cheaper to buy a "strippenkaart" post office from station or from a tobacco shop. Most trams when you climb behind the train are a controller that stamped tickets. In other tram ticket must be taxed alone in some yellow devices. After stamping the ticket is valid for an hour, no matter how often change bus or tram. A charge is valid for one area. More people can run with a single "strippenkaart" just charge it for each passenger.

There is also a day trip permits, two or three days. Permits and "strippenkaart" are valid on all trams, buses and metros but also trains that connect the periphery of the city - less than the Schiphol airport you have to buy separate train ticket.

Taxis do not take clients except through phone orders. There is an ecological advantage of this policy because there are no empty taxis that circulate looking for customers.

Walking with small ships on the canals of Amsterdam is a great way to see the city on water. These tours last about 90 minutes and take visitors through the city and the port. If you feel energetic enough you can rent a water bicycle (Canal Bike) from different points of renting one of the cities.