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Basilica Oudenbosch

Netherlands, Europe, Oudenbosch Basilica overview

In 1865 began the construction of the basilica of St. Agatha and Barbara Oudenbosch. Fifteen years later the basilica was solemnly consecrated by Bishop H. Breda's third van Beek. In 1892 the facade were completed.


In 1842, William was pastor of the parish in Hellemons Oudenbosch. The old St. Agatha Church from 1513 in a poor condition and was too small for the growing number of church goers.-b- Hellemons decided to build a new church and was inspired by St. Peter's in Rome. While studying in Rome he also had great admiration for the front of the St. John Lateran.
Hellemons wanted to rise a small copy of St. Peter in Oudenbosch. He retired none other than architect PJH Cuypers in achieving this. Cuypers Catholic churches built in the Netherlands were based on examples from leading the Catholic Church, but even within the works of the Basilica of Oudenbosch Cuypers is a unique church. The facade was completed in 1892, modeled after the St. John Lateran in Rome. The facade was designed by GJ van Sway.

Construction and interior

The basilica seems to have a copy of St. Peter's, but the proportions are different. For the construction of the church in white plastered brick was not used marble, as in St. Peter's. The distinctive dome is sixty meters high. Together with the length of 81 meters and width of 55 meters, the content of the basilica is 16 times smaller than St. Peter.
The interior features paintings and gold leaf. The organ was built in 1772 and is manufactured by the highly renowned organ maker König Ludwig in Cologne. König, along with his son to Oudenbosch traveled together with the organist of the Grote Kerk in Breda to discuss the draft.
In 1912, the basilica because of its special relationship with the Vatican, the Pope then elevated to "basilica minor". After several restorations, the monumental domed church is a house of prayers, and become a tourist attraction and dominates the surroundings of Oudenbosch.