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Amsterdam Historical Museum

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The Amsterdam Historical Museum is a museum where the history of the city of Amsterdam is presented in the form of paintings and objects. The museum is located in the center of Amsterdam and can be reached from the floating and from the Damrak.


The building is accessed from the Damrak and from the floating, from which one or via the box office and the shop or through a long corridor inside the main entry site-b-. Through different entrances to the museum can be reached from this courtyard in the middle of the complex. Inside the museum were many articles in various historical classified by period, Regent Room are one of the best known. Another way to reach through the museum by the Shooting Gallery is also the Beguine.

History of the building

The building at the origin housed the orphanage. This shelter for orphans of workers and petty bourgeoisie was founded around 1520 in a house on the floating and then at several locations on the floating has been established. In 1579 the orphanage moved to the former St. Lucien Monastery and was only back in 1960 moved to the new Civic to ice runway path.
The entrance is made by Joost Bilhamer in 1581. The boys courtyard is from 1632 and is characterized by fourteen Doric columns in an original way incorporated into the wall. The courtyard of a girls department was built two years later and has Ionic columns. In the seventeenth century, the medieval monastery was rehoused. The museum has several memories of the orphanage, both in architecture and in photographs, in addition, one can peruse the history of the orphanage.
In 1975 the architect Bart of Castle to the building work and include the Shooting Gallery added and the Civic definitely changed in the Amsterdam Historical Museum.

Today function

The Amsterdam Historical Museum has taken on an educational role. This is reflected in the collections and presentations, with visitors in many ways to acquaint themselves with the history of Amsterdam. In addition, the museum strives to seek a representative picture of society and give more and more attention given to all cultures represented in the Netherlands.