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Holidays in Republic of Moldova

Moldova, Europe, Capriana monastery

Republic of Moldova may be a choice location being very tender in terms of sights. One of the tourist wealth of the country lies in monasteries. They originally appeared as hermitages, churches made of wood, or cave carved directly in stone mansions.

Today, they were replaced by stone and brick. Besides the church itself, monasteries contain auxiliary buildings, for the cells, or creative household activities. Due to climate and green massifs, which are located on some of them, were cultivated gardens, vineyards, orchards.

Some of the oldest monasteries are Capriana, mentioned in documents around 1420 and Varzaresti monastery, testified about the same time. Other monuments to be visited are the fortified architecture. In Moldova there are medieval castles, which once played defensive roles.

The best known are the fortress: Soroca, Hotin, White Castle and Bender. Other old buildings that are part of the country's history are the sites, caves, cemeteries, waves, settlements, mosaics, statues, relief, monumental compositions.

Climate - moderate continental temperate.
Natural monuments - there are rare plant species endemic grass, placed in reserve, but also outside them. Some of them are herbs. Along with flowers, and part of the fauna is protected by law, over 100 species of animals.
Natural monuments, tourist value, scientific, cultural and ecological history are complex Rasnov, reef Big Rock, Emil Racovita cave, several gorges and Trinca or Fetesti.

Capital - Chisinau, Moldova's commercial and industrial center.

Official currency is The Moldovian Leu.