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Travel Europe Italy Tips for visiting Tuscany with a small budget

Tips for visiting Tuscany with a small budget

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Now you can explore the region of Tuscany, the beautiful cities Florence and Siena, without making a hole in the budget consistent. Tuscany has a reputation for demanding region, where you can spend even a few hundred dollars for one day.

But you can find affordable options for a stay. If traveling by car rental and accommodate you in one of beautiful villas transformed into colorful hostel, you save substantial amounts.

All Tuscany regions will provide wonderful landscapes and cities, where you really feel like a vacation. Good food, delicious wine, landscapes, museums and breathtaking attractions will disconnect from daily routine and give you the perfect holiday.

Here's how to save a budget holiday in Tuscany:

If the hotel breakfast is optional, give it up. Better coffee or a local looking for a picturesque, where to drink coffee. Do not ever sit comfortably at a table in a Louga or terrace for coffee at breakfast. Sit at the bar, drink coffee and go. The longer you stay at the table, much higher price.

Try to eat more than the first two meals of the day, and at dinner to take a light snack. In this way you avoid going to restaurants, you may charge extra for Italian meal is dinner.

Do not feel obliged to leave tips. The tip is often included in the cost and dining. Also, if you have dinner in town, not sit on the terrace. There may be charged extra.

When you rent a car, rent it from as far away and seek the best deals. Also, avoid using the car in Florence. Parking spaces are limited and traffic is hellish.

Reserve train tickets at least two days before departure. If you're careful, you can find very good offer and visit other cities in Italy, as prices can be good.

How to drastically reduce costs?

To further reduce costs give up visiting places popular for some picturesque as possible and attractive. Thus, you can visit Livorno for cheap seafood and fish specialties available.

Also, go in one day and the Alta Maremma, where you will be surprised by towns and wonderful landscapes.

Find the best offer of accommodation

The best way by car you can save money on lodging is to search houses for rent. Or call to know who was there, or access sites on the Internet, you will definitely find suitable offers.

Easiest solution seems to be that of renting a room in a villa on the Internet. Moreover, the Internet will find many sites dedicated to those who want to rent a villa in Tuscany.

But if you can get in touch with people who were already there, you can get them where they had been contacts and use them too. In addition, if you choose the rental option through a travel agency, you will not have to set you all the details, so getting rid of all the preparations and organization stress.