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Travel Europe Italy Three great places to visit in Italy

Three great places to visit in Italy

Great places, Matera, Basilicata, Italy, Sassi overview by winter

When you say Italy, you think of endless walks on the streets of Rome, romantic gondola rides in Venice Cananaean, aromatic wines of Tuscany lands or artistic air that surrounds Florence a renaissance-contemporary aura. But you should not limit yourself to the largest and most popular cities of Italy. Peninsula has much more to offer in terms of tourism and beautiful places to visit is found where you least expect it. You just know you and your book a few days of your holiday to take them to the step.

1. San Felice Circeo, Lazio

If you have ever searched for a holiday destination that combines perfectly relaxing in nature and a good dose of legends and mythological stories, the San Felice Circeo is the perfect place for you. Located on the hills of Circe, San Felice Circeo is a picturesque village full of history, where the nymph Circe legend is told with pathos by local tourists eager to share their stories immortal.

If you want a sun bath on the beaches of San Felice Circeo narrow, you can visit natural areas (Parco Nazionale del Circeo) or ruins of ancient temples (Mura Ciclopiche).

2. Lecce, Apulia

Located in Puglia, in the south-eastern point of Italy, Lecce dates from the sixteenth century and not so wealthy and big cities. However, special beauty of landscapes and unexpected blend of old and new, primitive and modern, lean and luxurious draws you like a magnet and gives you the opportunity to treat yourself admiring a painting architectural complex and sophisticated. If you get here, you have to visit the Basilica di Santa Croce, the most important tourist attraction in the area.

3. Matera, Basilicata

Matera is a town in Basilicata, southern Italy, and for those who appreciate beautiful landscapes full of history and is one of the most popular destinations. Matera or "city carved in stone" is of rare beauty and can compete on an equal footing with the more famous Cappadocia, Turkey.

In Matera were filmed shots for the hit movie "The Passion of the Christ" and the stone-built houses, called sassi, joined the World Heritage Site thanks to their exquisite beauty.