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Temple of Mars Ultor

Rome, Italy, Forum of Augustus Temple of Mars Ultor overview

The Temple of Mars Ultor (Aedes Martis Ultoris in Latin: "the temple of Mars the Avenger") was back on the Forum of Augustus in Rome and dominated the entire room as before. This was a direct reference to the forum of his adoptive father Caesar , where a temple of Venus Genetrix was in a similar position. Thus, during August as he was related to Caesar with his beloved Venus and Mars.

The temple is built at the end of the first century BC.and made of stone and concrete with marble trim. The platform of the temple was accessible via wide stairs .On this platform was a row of eight columns at the front and eight columns on each side to find. These columns carried as significant tympanums, adorned with statues. This structure may be a reference to the architecture of the Etruscans who were renowned for placing terracotta statues on rooftops.

Inside the temple you can find statues of Mars, Venus and Julius Caesar. The temple was established primarily for the latter to worship and avenge Caesar in 44 BC., forty years for the realization of the temple, killed, but later declared divine by the Senate. By now a temple in honor of Caesar to set up in August showed the power of his adoptive father and the fact that he - despite the murder - but no reports had been immortalized.

The temple was not only built to worship the divine persons, but also to escape from view to the poor district just behind in barracks, behind which the temple is a high wall was built.

Today the temple is far from complete, only the stage with some stairs and columns with a piece of frieze on the side are still standing. However, on the wall behind the original temple and the imprint of the tympanums column remains to discern.