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Travel Europe Italy Lido di Jesolo - Sun waiting

Lido di Jesolo - Sun waiting

Lido di Jesolo, Italy, Beach overview at sunset

Lido di Jesolo, one of the longest and most beautiful resorts of Italy awaits tourists every year. With a beach of 15 km down in the Adriatic Sea, the resort is in Venoto region, near Venice.

The resort has a great natural diversity, from mountains and caves to cliffs, coves and beaches, nature reserves; park the hot springs, valleys and lagoons.

Those who want to visit tourist attractions have plenty of opportunities for leisure. Visit the Basilica in Aquileia Lido di Jesolo with Roman mosaics, artistic cities Cividale, SanDaniele, Spilimbergom capital of Trieste with a palace dating from the fifteenth century and an ancient Roman theater, Udine and Venice in particular.

In Lido di Jesolo streets you can walk among commercial, craft and artisanal crowded workshops, cafes, discos, traditional restaurants, shops, etc. La Cattolica is a water park and an aquarium.
For a sum of few tens of euros make a trip to the Venetian lagoon. Among the small islands of Murano and is, known internationally for glass production. To get in Verona, Juliet's house, you have to pay a sum not too much euros. About the same price they have trips to Venice.

Lovers of water sports are offered several options, on the coast: wind-surfing, scutter race, yachting, underwater fishing, etc.