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Travel Europe Italy Genoa - City of Christopher Columbus

Genoa - City of Christopher Columbus

Genoa, Italy, Portofino coast

Passed unfairly in the shadow of its historic rivals, the city-Rome, Florence and Venice, Genoa is revealed today as one of the most cherished secrets of Italian tourist. Former European Capital of Culture in 2004, the famous birthplace of the navigator Christopher Columbus, boasting an original and delicious cuisine, with monumental cathedrals and many other sights worth visiting, Genoa is presented as one of the best destinations holiday in Europe.

Venice, Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Florence are certainly the best known and admired Italian cities. But Genoa is not the last, as the poor relative from countryside, but a city with its own history and valuable tourist attractions. It is, among other things, a perfect place where you can explore the "tourist treasures" of the Italian Riviera, materialized in destinations such as Portofino and Cinque Terre.

Genoa can be described today as a glorious port city in the past, easily erased and faded now, except that, just the appearance old, marked the passing of time brings the charm and mystery. It is, however, a typical Italian city, sunny, with typical Mediterranean buildings with white walls and red tile roofs, beautiful alleys, shops and elegant restaurants, cafes and lively bars.

But perhaps the most valuable attribute of Genoa is that this city has the largest historical center among all European cities! His heart the old center, pulsating through, cobbled streets and alleyways feature called "carrugi" by locals. A walk through its center, during the evening, get instantly transpose in the past glorious medieval times, when Genoa was one of the major ports around the Mediterranean!

In Dante market, you can visit the house where was born who was to discover the Americas, the great explorer Christopher Columbus. It is worth to stop for a moment to admire the impressive wall of the sixteenth century fortress that surrounds the old center.

For a view, still spectacular, you can take cable car from Monte Righi. Experience will offer panoramic views of the city, and the sublime blue of the Mediterranean, bordered by rocky shore.

Spianata Castelleto is another point where you can admire the city. Reach here with a public elevator, which you can take directly from the Piazza della Nunziata. Via Garibaldi is a memorable street, bordered by a side of impressive baroque buildings. The same kind of buildings can be found in Via Balbi.

Porto Antico, or the old port city, where Genoese Anchors that were once, trade across the Mediterranean, and were the main rival of the Venetian ships, is located near the giant aquarium, being equipped with modern museums, cinemas, cafes and beautiful promenade. Do not miss photographing the oldest European maritime lighthouse, the famous Lanterna, one of the most important symbols Genoa.

The main promenade of the city, Corso Italia, must be crossed with small steps during the evening to enjoy the full charm of the place. Bocadasse, picturesque fishing district is also a great place to take the pulse of this city apart, with living traditions and history and unique architecture. Everything from basic sights include Castle d'Albertis Genoa and Pallazo Ducale - the building where they lived generations of Genoese Dukes, former owners of the port city.

The city offers many leisure solutions or longer holidays. It is a destination suitable for families with children; the municipality built many playgrounds or creative party time for children. Neither the fishermen are not forgotten, fishing catfish is a traditional occupation in nearby rivers and lakes.

However, Genoa remains a place for shopping - a haven where you have the choice of famous designer boutiques, antique stores or malls. Those who want to choose precious memories, such as clothing and footwear luxury, just visit the Via XX Settembre, the entry in Piazza Ferrari.

Accessible tasteful lovers can enjoy dozens of small shops and chic in the historical center where they can find everything from handicrafts, rare books, small furniture, toys and sporting goods. The largest shopping center called Fiumara, is located near the station Sampierdarena. In close proximity you find a mall equipped with pool, restaurants and bowling and billiards rooms.

Note that the entire historical center is served only by buses from the local network, if you do not want to rent any car or taxi call services. For dynamic escapades, you can take a boat from Porto Antico to Pegli. Similarly, you can visit all the big targets on the coast of Camogli, San Fruttuoso, Portofino and Chiavari, to Cinque Terre.

But the real adventure lies in exploring the historical center, the largest medieval city in Europe! Start with the aquarium, the largest in Italy - Genoa say - even in Europe. Sea Museum and Naval Museum will offer commercial real-historical dimension of Genoa. Neither Museums of Modern Art Villa Croce nor Wolfson, along with the Fine Arts Museums Pallazo Bianco and Rosso Pallazo, they will not disappoint.

Also in Genoa will find the largest collection of Oriental art in Europe, hosted by the Museum Chiossone. Nature lovers can enjoy a foray into the world Doria Museum of Natural Sciences and Museum of St. Augustine offers a collection of European medieval art. Luxuro Museum consists of an old private collection of Italian furniture.

Santa Maria di Castello is an old Dominican convent of monks, which today has a museum function. Another impressive place of worship is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

Genoese cuisine is very similar to the great Italian cuisine; with the exception of some regional recipes is the delight of tourists tired and hungry after a foray into the exciting world of the city. Trattoriile Yes Maria, La Lanterna or Sa Pesta offers local menu of fish, pasta, salads and seafood. Try pesto, the Genoese version used in many recipes based on pasta and pizza.

Another specialty of Ligurian cuisine is foccacia with herbs, tomatoes, onions, olive oil and various types of cheese. Do not miss a "farina", a specialty of chickpea flour, salt, olive oil and various fillings of meat, fish, vegetables gratin, cheese and herbs.

Note that Genoa is among the cities with low crime rate, although, as everywhere, we must pay attention to your pockets in crowded areas. However, you have enough reasons to choose as a holiday destination, this place full of history and preserved copy.