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Travel Europe Italy At the shadow of Etna - Catania

At the shadow of Etna - Catania

Catania, Italy, The symbol of the city

Catania is one of the largest cities of Italy and among the most important in Sicily. For the tourist who travels the country, Catania is more of a stop than a destination for a long holiday. However, near the volcano Etna and the long history of settlement makes the Etna area showing anyone who has set foot here.

Catania is the capital of the province with the same name. The city lies on the eastern coast of Italy, south of Etna volcano. Because of the proximity of the volcano, the area has suffered over the years from large eruptions and earthquakes. In terms of size, it is the second largest city in Sicily and among the top 10 cities from Italy.

Although it has numerous Baroque buildings and at least interesting history, overshadowed by the volcano Etna, Catania is a crossing area for tourists headed to Palermo, Syracuse and other parts of Italy.

In town you can visit many other sights, such as two amphitheaters, Odeon (third century), Roman aqueduct, Roman Forum, Roman baths structures, many old churches and cathedrals. Downtown, made in baroque style, was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also various castles and palaces, and Castello Ursino, the thirteenth century or Biscari Palace. This last is known as one of the most beautiful palaces of Catania.

The city was founded just in the eighth century. Thus, the city still retains plenty of monuments worth a visit. Tourists who want to make acquaintance with the city symbol should be at Elephant Fountain (Fontana dell'Elefante), the work of architect Vaccarini. Fountain, dating from the eighteenth century, is in Piazza del Duomo, surrounded by several buildings in baroque style. Another famous city is well named it River: Fontana dell 'Amenano.

The dome is dedicated to Saint Agatha, who is the patron saint of Catania. Initially, Catania Cathedral was built in the eleventh century, but after the damage suffered due to an earthquake in 1693, was rebuilt.