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Travel Europe Italy 5 reasons why you should visit Italy in the autumn

5 reasons why you should visit Italy in the autumn

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Italy is one of the most inspired choices for a vacation in the fall and this happens for several reasons. Discover 5 reasons why you should visit Italy in the autumn.

1. Temperature fall in Italy

In many destinations in Italy, Capri, summer temperatures are very difficult. Autumn, but temperatures begin to fall and the weather is perfect for long walks. September is dry, with pleasant temperatures. The best months to see Rome is said to October. In November rain from time to time.

Along the coast, the weather is milder, while in the mountains temperatures drop. Mornings and evenings are cool, but the days are sunny.

2. Prices are lower in autumn

Italy is known as an expensive destination in Europe. To qualify for better rates, autumn is a good time. Resorts are not so crowded and accommodation prices are significantly reduced.

3. Food in Italy in autumn

Fall is the perfect time for a holiday in Italy if you are foodie. Collect vineyards, wild mushrooms and truffles.

4. Participate in annual events

In Italy, fall festivals and held many cultural events. It is a perfect time to sample the local culture. During these events are dancing and eating chestnuts, chocolate, mushrooms, olives, grapes, truffles and walnuts.

In addition, fall seasons start in theater and opera, and music lovers have the opportunity to go to an Italian opera even at her home.

5. Places perfect for fall photos

Tuscany landscapes, but also those of large cities like Rome and Florence are especially beautiful autumn colorful foliage due. A romantic winter holiday is always a good idea for those who want to walk through inspiring places. While Florence is an open air museum, Rome is one of the most important tourist destinations of the world. Such cities, but not season and autumn are as busy as the rest of the year.