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Chain Bridge in Budapest

Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary, Night view

Chain Bridge was the first permanent link between Buda and Pest. Chain Bridge became one of the most famous sights in Budapest.

It offers one of the most beautiful views in town, with all the greatness that finds its way on the Danube below the bridge. It can also be seen grandiose Parliament building which dominates the Pest side of Danube and the towers of Buda Castle on the hill.

Panorama can be seen is far more fascinating, when the city lights illuminate the dark river. Chain Bridge hosts the largest summer festival in Budapest, even called "Summer on Chain Bridge". Every weekend from July to mid-August here runs a variety of programs and cultural events.

This event is the perfect opportunity to cross the bridge on foot, because pedestrians only have access to the bridge on weekends during the festival.

Large width of the Danube made it necessary to build a bridge that is suspended by chains. Two massive stone legs robust support structure of iron weighs about 5,200 tons. The bridge has a length of 375 meters and a width of 16 meters. Distance between legs is 202 meters.

There are two statues of lions stand sentry at both ends of the bridge. It is said that the artist forgot to carve lions languages. During the inauguration ceremony of a child made a remark to this aspect, and became very anxious sculptor, and fell off the bridge into the Danube.