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Travel Europe Germany The most beautiful touristic destinations in Munich

The most beautiful touristic destinations in Munich

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Munich is an appropriate destination for family vacations, weekend escapades, holidays and summer vacation. Located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, Munich is a modern city with a rich history with many monuments and a wide range of outdoor activities. Discover the most beautiful sights in Munich!

You like mountains? Here are some of the most beautiful sights in Munich:


Marienplatz Square is the city's central tourist objective and one of the best places for tourists interested in architecture. The square is surrounded by impressive buildings such as the cathedral of the fifteenth century hall with a Gothic facade, large columns; a memorial statue of the Virgin Mary is on top.


Frauenkirche is a symbol of Munich. Built in the late fifteenth century, the cathedral Frauenkirche is easily recognized by its two towers of 99 meters high. Cathedral has gothic and Renaissance facades. Tourists can climb the tower to enjoy the view over the city.

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace is considered one of the most impressive Baroque monuments in Germany. Built in the late eighteenth century, the palace is surrounded by a park of 200 acres, landscaped with fountains and walkways. A ticket to have access in the palace costs 6 euros, while one that includes access to the palace, gardens and museum costs 11.50 euros.


Munich Olympic Park is in the northwest of the city and includes several buildings and constructions: Olympic Stadium, Olympic skating, Olympic Tower etc. The complex was built in the 70s during the Summer Olympics. Today, the Olympic Park is used for hosting events. Here are organized teambuilding activities, tours and sports activities visitors. In December 2013, singer Usher will perform at Olympic Hall in Olympiapark.