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Travel Europe Germany The Green Roof of Europe - Bavarian Forest

The Green Roof of Europe - Bavarian Forest

Germany, Europe, Bavarian Forest overview

The Bavarian Forest is one of the most extensive forests of central Europe. The area has a highest peak of 1456 meters and is therefore called "The Green Roof of Europe".

The Bavarian Forest is located in southeast Germany on the border with the Czech Republic and Austria. The forest covers an area of 6000 sq/km and together with the Bohemian Forest (the Czech part of the forest), is one of the most extensive forests of central Europe. The area is characterized by rolling mountains. The highest point is the "Grosse Arber", located at 1456 meters altitude. Near the summit you will find several small ski areas. The Bavarian Forest is the snowiest mountains of middle Germany.

The landscape has a large variety including limestone cliffs, caves, river valleys and small villages. The Bavarian Forest is an original forest which means that humans have little influence on the forest. It is a truly unspoiled area which in turn is very attractive for nature lovers. You'll find plenty of recreational opportunities and, therefore, walking trails and bike routes. There is something for everyone.

The Bavarian Forest is a unique area of inestimable value. Part of the area is also declared a National Park. The park is largely impenetrable and untouched. There is little or no human influence. This is also why the Lynx, the European wildcat and the Wolf even feel perfectly at home. They could live undisturbed. The bear also feels more at home here.

The climate is temperate and mild. In winter, this is a snow field and the temperature average -6 degrees Celsius. The hairdryer wind also affects the area. Through the dryer, the temperature can rise quickly and can be very hot. Regularly large temperature contrasts occurs.

Culture lovers can also visit this area. You will find here famous glass art and also large glass factories making glass objects for the whole world. The old artisan tradition fortunately is held here. This experience is best in one of the small villages. Here you will find shops that usually sell glassware.