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Travel Europe Germany Enjoy beer with pretzels and radishes in Munich

Enjoy beer with pretzels and radishes in Munich

Munich, Germany, City at night

Millionaires of the city running on the highways in their famous BMW`s, and the beer flows endlessly. Some visitors come here for world-class Pinacoteca, others boutique shopping in the Maximilianstrasse, and most of them love to look Alps from far.

Marienplatz Square attracts you with street entertainers, the famous sidewalk cafes, and the Neues Rathaus City Hall in Gothic style. Plans to visit for lunch, when in the tower of City Hall, 43 bells (Glockenspiel called) accompanied by mechanical marionettes keep a nice concert. Old City Hall houses a toy museum and the Frauenkirche cathedral, boasts with "Devil's Footprint" embedded in the floor.

Within walking distance from here is opulent Residenz palace evoking, those 700 years, the Wittelsbach dynasty. Contemplate the works of Picasso and Warhols at Pinakothek galleries and motoring legends found in the BMW Museum. You will learn about technology, transportation, vintage cars about, and be spectator of Bavarian engine videos. The BMW World exhibits the last appearances on wheels. Munich residents, shall enjoy the Garden English, they go on the bike and sit in the sun during lunch break.

Deutsches Museum offers an overview of German science and technology from prehistoric tools to inventions for space. Interactive permanent exhibitions are organized on various topics, such as computers, machinery, technical toys and telecommunications. Alongside, the Forum hosts a planetarium and 3D cinema. Another branch of the museum, Flugwerft Schleißheim (Aerodrome), focuses on the history of aviation.

Munich residents are very numerous, when eating and drinking. For a traditional Bavarian lunch, choose tavern serving Weisswurst Altstadt - beef with spices, mustard or sweet pork with sauerkraut. Bavarian specialty is the excellent Leberknodlsuppe, a spicy soup with dumplings made from flour, bread crumbs, beef liver, onion, marjoram and garlic.

The most delicious steak is called Spanferkel, or pig in milk, but worth tasted sweet-sour red cabbage and prepared with apples, raisins, onion, cloves and white vinegar. For dessert enjoy Kaiserschmarrn (a thick sliced pancake with raisins and powdered sugar, served with stewed prunes or apple sauce) and Schwarzwalder Kirshtorte (cake with cherries from Black Forest).

Spend a night at the Hofbräuhaus! Founded in 1589 by Duke Wilhelm V to satisfy the thirst by the Court, Hofbräuhaus is not only an attraction of the city, but the most famous beer hall in the world with over 4,000 consumers of alcohol. To be truly authentic, choose Schwemme, considered the heart of historic building hall Hofbräuhaus. Here, about 1,000 enthusiasts of beer, sit on wooden tables, and listen to bands concerts. Bavarian waitresses wearing peasant dresses and brings at least 10 pints at a time. Pretzels are exposed on long sticks and white radishes are cut in a spirit of luxury.

Relax in a Spa Bavarian! In Germany, the question is not if, a spa visit, but which ones you go. Each resort has its own virtues, and historical associations give you a list of health benefits provided by the bathrooms and water tasting. Whatever will be the choice, after such an experience you will appreciate the efficiency and German sensuality. The most famous from the Bavarian Alps is Bad Reichenhall, 135 km southeast of Munich.

Munich Card (available at hotels, automated tickets, and tram and metro stations) gives the right to travel by public transport to get to castles, and 50% to 35 attractions. Cards are available for one to three days, for the center of Munich, as well as the surrounding area. Cards for families or small groups (up to five people) are also available.