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Dresden - Florence on the Elbe

Dresden, Germany, Semper Opera at night

A "Trabi-safari" is the way for a first introduction to the city. Then it's good to enjoy the robust cuisine of the capital of Saxony, or try delicious wines coming from the vineyards on the slopes along the Elbe. A performance at the world-famous Semper Opera inspires the senses, while a stroll through the Baroque district of the "Inner Neustadt" a part of the history of Dresden reveals. Art and pubs are located in the fringe area, the chic department stores is located on Königsbrücker Strasse.

With a surface of 63 percent covered by forests and fields, Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe. The urban region of Dresden has four protected areas (350 ha.) and twelve protected landscapes (11,500 ha.). Green fields and recreation grounds cover 890 hectares. No wonder the bike is so popular in Dresden.

Dresden has always enchanted its visitors with a fascinating and exciting blend of tradition and modernity. A walk through the baroque city center and the former residence of the Saxon electors and kings, and looking at the beautiful scenery of the river Elbe, you can feel the unique charm of Florence on the Elbe. Although none of the seven wonders of the ancient world in the capital of Saxony is, it has over the centuries, lined up a building to the next. Mrs. Church, Royal Palace, Zwinger, Semper Opera, Elbschlösser that Hellerau garden city or the award-winning buildings of modern architecture - the Dresden sights are all well known around the world.

Elector August the Strong and those who followed him with skill, artistry and perseverance have created through their passion for collecting unique museums such as the "Green Vault" and the "Turkish Chamber", impress the tourists and locals again and again and makes Dresden a world-class city of Art and culture.

Located on the left bank, in the apex of a graceful river bend, is the historic center of Dresden. Protected for centuries by mighty fortifications, the Saxon capital developed splendor and activity.
Even today the buildings from the Renaissance, Baroque and 19th Century, holds the Elba face side of our city. Viewed from the opposite bank or from one of the Elbbrücken, Dresden presents itself at first glance standing as a cultural city of European.

Despite severe damage during World War II, the old town of Dresden has preserved or regained sexy ensembles. The reconstruction of the city center takes his best-known symbol of Dresden's Church, the magnificent baroque dome that marks again the Dresden skyline.
Many important cultural institutions are located along the Old Elbe banks: from the Old Masters Picture Gallery to the treasure chamber of the Saxon electors and kings, the Green Vault.

With 450 years, the National Art Collection is today the oldest and second largest museum association in Germany. Especially known are the Historical Green Vault and the New Green Vault - and the Old Masters Gallery with Raphael's" Sistine Madonna - the treasures of the Wettin family.

The spectrum is far more diverse: a total of now twelve renowned museums belong to the association. Since 2010 are united by the State Ethnographic Collections, part of the art collections which artisanal and scientific objects with works of fine art, sculptures, weapons, porcelain and coins. The "Turkish Chamber" went as a collection of oriental art in the Elector of Saxony armory on since the opening in March 2010 and had thousands of visitors. The renovated Albertinum opened its doors in June to let the past and future again to accommodate under same roof. The Galerie Neue Meister and sculpture collection is found through the conversion back to her seat.

With the City Gallery Dresden the city has since 2005 on a more representative place for visual art, brings together more than two centuries of Dresden art history. The subject of the further reaches of the city Dresden is museums and military history of the Technical Museum collections or a book. Also known is the German Hygiene Museum.

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