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Drawing Berlin

Berlin, Germany, Brandenburg Gate at Dusk

The German capital Berlin's charming personality, and roughness.
Berlin, you can do just about anything. Freedom and creativity are highly valued and the metropolis of gigantic proportions to give residents the opportunity to visitors self-actualization. 3.5 million inhabitants in the city is certainly conservative face.-b- Some of the tourists have the freedom to decide whether or intention of access to Berlin by the crackling half.

Trip to Berlin

Berlin's largest construction project at the moment is the new BBI airport, Berlin Brandenburg International. Its first construction phase is expected to be completed in late 2011
Abundant supply, the prices are reasonable throughout the year. Time, reserving plane tickets to Berlin are usually less than 250 euros, often at lower cost.
Berlin is the greatness, despite the German way of low cost city and it is also reflected in the provision of tourist accommodation. Trade fairs and other major events raise hotel prices, but the busiest periods outside the traveler can find a hotel or hostel, very cheaply.

Movement within Berlin is easy. The simplest solution is to acquire Berlin Welcome Card, which acts as a flag to all means of public transport and also offers discounts and free entries to museums and other business destinations.

Divided city

Divided city of Berlin's history is still omnipresent. The wall divided the city for nearly 30 years, and in the middle of East Germany was a small islet west. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the reunification of the country officially in October 1990. A year later, Berlin again became the official capital of reunited Germany throughout the West German capital of Bonn, served to replace.

Checkpoint Charlie, the DDR Museum Karl-Marx-Allee pompous buildings still tell stories about the Cold War. Of these, the most interesting is probably the DDR Museum at Alexanderplatz beside the Museum on the opposite shore. It presents the East German everyday life, and interestingly illustrated with a great attraction to those who do not normally enjoy trips to museums.
Little feel for the life of the wall in the shade also gives the Ostbahnhof trust begins the East Side Gallery. This "gallery" is the only one still in place a longer piece of the Berlin Wall. It is entirely decorated with the artists. Wall works tell of war, peace and hope. They are authentic works of the period just after the fall of the wall, though far already restored or in need of restoration.

Alexanderplatz and Unter den Linden

Berlin's most famous landmark is the giant TV tower at Alexanderplatz. Everyone wants to visit the tower, especially on summer weekends queuing up is considerable. There is, fortunately, the number system which makes the waiting time can be used effectively to another, and after purchasing a ticket to return to the site must only lift up your approach. Up on the tower is a nice restaurant, which offers guaranteed the best views of Berlin.

Alexanderplatz is easy to trust the journey will continue to the Museum, Museum Island, and handsome for the Unter den Linden. Unter den Linden is a former East German parade in the street, along which is located side by side, many significant cultural and academic buildings. Wide street ending symbol of the united Germany Brandenburger Square.

Film Life in Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz was the wall during the no-man's-land. After the fall of the wall strip of land was filled quickly with modern skyscrapers and office buildings, the Sony Center, the most famous cinemas.
Held here in Germany make the best premieres distributed to the Berlin Film Festival Awards desired. The complex is located in a film museum, which is an interesting destination for those interested in the history of film, whose familiarity with the subject goes deeper into Hollywood.

Climb onto the roof of the Reichstag

German Reichstag roof of the house is decorated with a giant glass dome. It contains first thread strip, which will rise a long way towards the ceiling at the top of the viewing platform up. Especially the Germans themselves want to see this rise in the Berlin trip. Dome jonottaessa whiz easy access for many hours. Site advocates seek immediate early morning hours or late evening.
State House Day is easy to access in connection with a visit to Berlin's new main railway station. A few years ago, graduated from the glass building is a hive of activity. Train tracks pass through a number of layers and the drive is an important junction point for both the ordinary commuters and tourists alike. The place is well worth a visit even if you have any way.

Artists in Berlin

Germany, Berlin is a creative life center. Artists in Berlin, you can explore not only the city's many museums and galleries, including jumping into the center of one side - or centers, Berlin is not really able to say to a single city center, or says, so someone is always disagree with its location.
For example, in Prenzlauer Berg district is comfortable and charming region, with small boutiques and galleries are flourishing. Prenzlauer Berg Mauerpark met every Sunday, when the Berlin flea market and the biggest rise out of nowhere, a wide park area. This place has more lines and the wall of no-man's-land just at the border between East and West.

Old West

Bahnhof Zoo is a good starting point for the former West Berlin to explore the region. Before such a notorious role has been cooler, but make it a tourist sleeve nurkilla still grab one or two or a cheap hotel. Close to the Tiergarten park offers greenery in the middle of a metropolis.
Kurf├╝rstendamm, or more familiarly Ku'damm was once West Berlin's main street. It is up the road and surrounding neighborhoods can still be found in the city administrative brand stores and what ideal shopping opportunities, such as Tauenzienstrassella located in Europe's largest department store KaDeWe, Kaufhaus des Westens. These seuduin there are also several hotels and perpetrating such as Berlin's exhibition center is easy.